Drew Dixon, Leo La Rosa

Watch Drew Dixon Get Fucked Through A Gloryhole

Listen, we just simply love glory holes. Whether it’s through a fence, a hole in a bathroom stall, or just a slit in a shower curtain, we’re always down to see a guy shove his meat in a random gap for it to get serviced and that’s why for our latest post, we’re going to be taking a look at this glorious scene from MENatPLAY!

Drew Dixon, Leo La Rosa

In the brand new scene, Drew Dixon is taking a stroll through his favorite cruising club when a stranger offers him some anonymous cock via a hole in the wall. Drew, already hard with his cock spilling out of his suit, accepts the rogue dick by swallowing it down and even bending over to let it penetrate his hungry hole. The entire scene doesn’t take place at the glory hole though. After a while, Drew actually meets up with his mystery man, Leo La Rosa, face-to-face for even more hardcore barebacking of his insatiable hole. Take a look below:

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So what do you think of this scene? Are you a fan of glory holes? Have you ever been fucked like this through one? Sound off in the comments below with all of your hot thoughts and if you want to see even more of this hardcore hookup, be sure to watch the entire scene over at MENatPLAY!

[Watch ‘Cruising At Club-X 4’ ft. Drew Dixon & Leo La Rosa]


11 thoughts on “Watch Drew Dixon Get Fucked Through A Gloryhole”

  1. Why does the Sword Cover homophobic Bisexual Men like Drew Dixon. Clout chasers need to be ignored and not promoted. Drew Dixon is a poster child for Conversion Therapy, also that wig is atrocious.

  2. Drew is fake. Everything about him is fake. His hair, his words out of his mouth and his “gay”ness.

    He did two str8 scenes and a hetero leaning orgy yet during the filming of this crap, he continued to post on Twitter about how gay he was and how he would never ever fuck women. He’s strictly dickly.

    Not only did he try to censor his ex fans about why he lied and did the film but he goes on and claims it was his best work and favorite project he’s ever done. The film director is a notoriously homophobic dud who loves to write conversion type films.
    Drew sucks in more ways than one.

      1. Dishonesty and swindling with a touch of slap in the face. He’s trash. Bitter… hell no…. Disgusted… hell yes. Lying for clout and being rude to your fans is gross behavior and I have no tolerance for that.

  3. Nobody wants to watch Drew do shit. His “I’m so gay and would never fuck women” ass is as fake as that damn hair piece.

    I’m glad he did that str8 porn shit because now it’s easy to expose him as a hypocrite.

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