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Watch: JJ Knight Talks His $5,000 Chest Implants

A new episode of Discretion Advised just dropped and for the latest installment of the Falcon | NakedSword podcast, hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill are talking all about some “dirrty” jobs, past co-stars, and even chest implants with Hacks actor Johnny Sibilly and hung Falcon Studios hunk JJ Knight.

That’s right – during the episode’s game with the two guests, Marc had JJ Knight open up about his chest implants to Discretion Advised listeners. The You Asked For It actor even took off his shirt to show off his chest and the scars near his armpits that he got from the procedure.

JJ Knight

When asked by an envious John about how much something like that costs, JJ revealed that getting the chest implants only cost $5,000. (As someone who has no idea what this type of procedure should cost, $5,000 kinda sounds like a good deal! A steal!) He also spilled that because of his build, there was some initial difficulty with getting the implants in.

“If a man was to have actual – I don’t want to say boobs – but he has a bigger chest in that area, it’s easier to put an implant in because the muscle is much more relaxed,” said JJ to the hosts. “Whereas for me, since I was such a skinnier guy, that the muscle is so tight to my body that they could only literally get it into right here in the corner. If they put it in anymore, it would have shredded the muscle.”

After some compliments from Johnny, John and Marc, JJ also relayed that since the implant is under the muscle, you “can’t even feel it” and “everything still grows with it.” He then says that the implants just gave him “that extra little pump” he wanted for the corner his chest.

Take a look at the video below starting at 39:16 to witness JJ’s chest reveal (not that you already haven’t seen this man shirtless) and see where his scars are. Let us know what you think in the comments and if you want to see even more from JJ Knight, be sure to watch his 75+ scenes right now over on NakedSword!

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11 thoughts on “Watch: JJ Knight Talks His $5,000 Chest Implants”

  1. Did he do this thinking that it would further extend his porn career?

    If anyone’s past his porn “sell by” date it is JJ Knight.

  2. A perfect example of someone with more money than brains. Hopefully this was done here in the USA by a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Five thousand dollars sounds inexpensive and was done by some quack overseas as women pay up to 4 times that amount for breast implants here in the USA by an experienced surgeon.. Hopefully his body doesn’t reject these foreign objects much like women who have breast implants later regret it and end up having the implants removed. Oh well if he’s happy and this got him the results he was after, good fo him

  3. Used to be one of my fav porn stars…..after this no more. He is now artificially enhanced…..we would have been better off not knowing.

      1. so teeth done and chest implants, Im not saying there’s something wrong with getting cosmetic surgey Im just saying it doesnt surprise me that JJ Knight’s got it done. From the rumors he’s an omega level diva apparently

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