Strong Suit

WATCH: Raging Stallion & MENatPLAY Debut First Trailer for New Collab

It’s time to throw on your finest clothes and pull out that cock, because it was just announced that later this month, we’re going to be getting a brand new collaboration between the scruffy studs of Raging Stallion and the suited-up hunks of MENatPLAY.

Written by Ben Rush and director by Janick Legrand and Raph North, Strong Suit features loads of your favorite porn stars – including a few Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives – sporting the classic MENatPLAY uniform while getting down to business in Europe. In the film, you’ll be able to see stars like Beau Butler and Drew Valentino along with big dick king Sir Peter, versatile favorite Pol Prince and bearded daddy Dani Robles. In addition to those dapper dudes, we’ll also be seeing the Raging Stallion debuts of international models like Manuel Reyes, Zac Johnson, Allen King, and Babylon Prince.

Strong Suit

The project itself focuses on Beau and Drew as they travel to Torremolinos to compete for a job at one of the world’s top realty firms. And as we’re sure you’ve already guessed, while vying for this position, they regularly find themselves getting into an array of compromising positions across Southern Spain.

A couple of scenes to watch out for are the two featuring Raging Stallion newcomer Allen King. We get to see this hottie bottom for the hot cocks of both Drew Valentino and Beau Butler in this movie before it all comes to an explosive end with a foursome between Dani Robles, Sir Peter, Babylon Prince, and Zac Johnson.

Take a look at the full X-rated trailer for this new movie below and to see even more from Strong Suit, be sure to watch the world premiere of its first scene when it hits and on Friday, July 21!

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9 thoughts on “WATCH: Raging Stallion & MENatPLAY Debut First Trailer for New Collab”

  1. I’m not sure what’s funnier. Beau trying to top with that Vienna sausage between his legs. Or Allen King still acting like he can feel anything going into his ass anymore.

  2. I love porn where the guys are dressed, or partially dressed. Believe it or not, there are actually some of us out there who don’t always get turned on with men being completely naked every single damn time in every single porn scene. It gets repetitive and boring. Performers wearing suits, socks, or any other fetish clothing can be very erotic, and leaves something to the imagination. Imagination, which can be severely lacking in porn these days. I wish there were more studios out there like who produce high-quality fetish porn that fits a unique niche. I can’t be the only guy out there who appreciates creative pornography like that. I wish more studios realized that they’re missing an underserved market.

    1. You are not the only one at all. I agree with everything you said!

      In fact I clicked on this story immediately because I was amazed these models filmed a scene catering to my taste.

    2. I couldn’t agree with Cowboy more. Imagination and bold choices are a thing of the past, for the most part. One of the sexiest things ever is when a guy jacks off in a suit or jeans and shirt with just his dick exposed: so simple, so hot. I love MAP for keeping that fantasy alive. I’ll have to check out this collab.

  3. Seriously, it’s a turn on starting off with a suit and SOCKS…BUT then they should be in a pile on the floor with all of these hot mouth-watering big dicks fucking and sucking there way to massive cum shots!

  4. desperate times, desperate measures I guess. naming the “writer” and director of the porn before you get to who the gay porn stars are…tells everyone how out of touch and delusional you guys are.

    1. Matt Sterling. Kristen Bjorn. John Rutherford. Jerry Douglas. MAP. Falcon. Sean Cody. Corbin Fisher. Any of these names or studios would get my attention before a guy’s name. I grew up on porn in the 70s and 80s when it was far superior to the schlock we get today. Delusions: Perfect name for you.

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