WATCH: Ricky Roman Gets Caught Not Wearing Pants Mid-Interview

It looks like the hosts of the Discretion Advised podcast got a little more than they bargained for during their recent talk with Ricky Roman! In the latest episode of the Falcon | NakedSword podcast, the CockyBoys porn star was caught on camera not wearing pants while mid-conversation with fellow guest Bianca Del Rio and pod hosts John Hill and Marc MacNamara.

The unexpected reveal occurred when Ricky had to grab his dog off-camera during the interview portion of the podcast. While reaching over to get the pup, the Get.Away. actor showed off a tiny glimpse of his brief-covered booty to the podcast crew and was immediately called out by John for “not wearing pants, bitch?!”

@discadpod Ricky Roman gives us a little look at that 🍑 #rickyroman #discadpod #podcast #gaytiktok ♬ original sound – Discretion Advised Podcast

“I’m not [wearing pants]. I’m still wearing the uniform from earlier,” said Ricky referencing his shoot with NakedSword Originals that he completed earlier that day.

Unfortunately for the horny fans of Discretion Advised, this was the last instance we saw of Ricky’s pantlessness during the interview. However, the podcast hosts did go on to talk with the model about what it’s like to apply for a job at a major gay porn studio, why it was so terrifying filming his NakedSword Originals debut scene, and how many teeth aardvarks have. (No, really. That’s something they actually talked about.)

If you want to catch all that madness and much, much more, be sure to tune into this entire episode of Discretion Advised right now over on your favorite podcast app or watch the entire episode for free right now over on YouTube!


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