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WATCH: Sean Austin Talks Having Sex On An Active Volcano

Sex can often be explosive, but sometimes there’s potential for it to be a little too explosive. Just look at Sean Austin’s recent scene for the NakedSword action-adventure film The Swords: First Mission where he was filmed fucking around with bearded daddy Logan Moore on the base of an active volcano. Yes, an actual, real-life active volcano.

During a recent interview for the Falcon | NakedSword YouTube channel, First Mission director Marc MacNamara sat down with Sean to discuss his big volcanic sex scene that was filmed last year on the island of Lanzarote for the new NakedSword Originals movie and if public sex outdoors is something that actually turns him on in real life.

“It did kind of turn me on and it was something that kind of played into my own person fetishes,” answered the muscled-up actor. “It definitely helped and it was definitely exciting and unusual as well and to be able to do it for work, so it was good. I really enjoyed it.”

Throughout the rest of the interview, Sean also revealed what personally excites him, who he would give a truth pill to if given the chance, and the most common public misconception about him. He even spills to Marc that he’s got a literal 10-inch dildo stuffed away in his bedside table. Oop!

Take a look at the full interview below and if you want to see even more from Sean as he opens his mouth and hole on the base of an active volcano, be sure to watch The Swords: First Mission right now over on!

[Watch FIRST MISSION ft. Sean Austin]


12 thoughts on “WATCH: Sean Austin Talks Having Sex On An Active Volcano”

  1. I always thought his hair was kind of suspect….but he has such a hot tight body and he always looks like he loves sucking cock and getting his coochie fucked….also he looks like he had something done to his face…it looks different?! I still enjoy his scenes

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