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Watch Shawn Mendes Strip Down For An Icy Polar Bear Plunge

In case you’ve been wondering what Shawn Mendes has been up to recently aside from promoting that awful-looking Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile movie, he’s apparently busying with throwing off his clothes to submerge himself in some freezing cold water.

In a new Instagram video, Shawn can be seen doing all that and more in a video that shows him rocking some black briefs while getting down and wet in an icy river. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t give us an up-close look at his soaking VPL aside from a quick side-shot, but we do get some views of his pop star booty bending over to get down in the running water – which is something we definitely can’t complain about. Take a look below and see for yourself:



3 thoughts on “Watch Shawn Mendes Strip Down For An Icy Polar Bear Plunge”

  1. Will never understand the obsession with this dude. Go to your local gas station and you’ll bump into 5 guys that look just like him.

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