Welcome To Diesel’s Kitchen

Cornish game hens, chicken strips, white rice, tossed salad (ahem), and pot brownies are on the menu in Chef Diesel’s kitchen. What is even going on?

This is either more proof that the end of the world really is coming, or that Diesel Washington realized there are only so many videos of yourself flexing, hating on twinks, and responding to haters you can make before it’s time to come up with a new gimmick. And this is also less about how to cook things and more about how to get high while cooking things (“make sure you don’t get any ashes from your blunt on the chicken”), which is actually much more entertaining.

I’m just glad Diesel didn’t demonstrate “The Bully” on one of these hens.



[Diesel Washington: The Weekend I Cooked For Petey]



4 thoughts on “Welcome To Diesel’s Kitchen”

  1. I am growing so fond of Diesel Washington, y’all don’t even know. Like, when he’s talking about comics, getting his cosplay on, cooking, smoking a bowl – I want to hang out on the couch and play DC Universe Online on Teamspeak with the dude, even though he’s more of a Marvel Zombie. Hehe.

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