gay porn star skippy baxter

Welcome to the Big Leagues Skippy Baxter

Skippy Baxter is hot as fuck in his first release as a Falcon Studios Group exclusive in “Hot As Fuck” from Raging Stallion.

Skippy Baxter is a sexy Aussie power bottom with gymnast physique that’s patched in tats and dusted in fur. Skippy went to “porn school” at Bentley Race before entering the big leagues and signing as an exclusive just before Christmas.

His top today is Rocco Steele. So not only is Skippy entering the big leagues, the big leagues also enter him. Over and over and over again. And damn if he didn’t love the way those inches filled him up.

gay porn star skippy baxter
No one’s cock gets much attention next to Rocco’s, but Skippy has one fine piece himself with a thick, fleshy helmet head that looks pretty tasty. I have a feeling he could get pretty piggy when he wants to. That’s just the kind of guy Rocco likes. Skippy liked him right back. He liked him a lot.

gay porn star skippy baxter
We haven’t seen Rocco since he “daddy-fied” his ex, JD Phoenix, in the finale of “Sexperiment.” Rocco is in top top form today. If you thought you were over Rocco, give this scene a watch. Skippy can’t seem to get enough. The feeling was mutual.

gay porn star skippy baxter
The one thing hotter in “Hot As Fuck” than the sexual nirvana Skippy has sucking on Rocco’s dick is how that bloated 10 incher looks going in and out of his very accomodating and grateful hole.

[Watch Skippy Baxter get pounded by Rocco Steele in “Hot As Fuck” from Raging Stallion]

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