We’re Soaked From Kyle Fletcher’s Shower Fuck

We were obsessed with muscle hunk Kyle Fletcher when he got his ass stretched out by Cade Maddox, when he flip-fucked with some raw jock cock, and when he got into a fraternity threesome. So it should come as no surprise to you that we’ve been constantly cumming since seeing his new shower scene for Hot House.

In the final episode of The Dick Down from the bareback studio, Kyle is showing off his ripped build and heading into the shower with industry newcomer Jackson Bell – a Hot House performer who was also just fucked by Cade Maddox for a scene on FalconStudios.com. Under some running water, Jackson drops down to suck off his beefcake partner before Kyle gets a chance to chow down on Jackson’s soaked slit.

Kyle Fletcher, Jackson Bell

Eventually, the two are fucking raw in the shower and even stepping out for Jackson to get on the bathroom counter and continue being “dicked down” until the dripping wet bottom is left dripping in cum. Take a look below at some of the action and if you want to see even more, head on over to FalconStudios.com!

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Got any hot thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this Hot House fuck, be sure to watch the entire scene right now over on FalconStudios.com!

[Watch THE DICK DOWN ft. Kyle Fletcher & Jackson Bell]


5 thoughts on “We’re Soaked From Kyle Fletcher’s Shower Fuck”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Several thoughts
    1. The star here is Jackson. He’s flexible and moves really well. Kyle is stiff. I don’t see him doing yoga or frankly and real sports.
    2. This HAD to be shot by a woman. It looked so steamy and passionate. It’s suggestive porn. NOT WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR! Holes, insertions, hate-fucking. What’s this “elegant rimming” crap?

      1. L'il Buttercup

        Watch the snark, please. as far as I know, most creative people welcome feedback from viewers of their work…….
        And “must be a woman”? Can’t a man be steamy, passionate, elegant?

        1. Really? You think the director of porn is going to be reading the comments of this site to get tips on how to improve their work based on one persons opinions. Gimme a break.

        2. Universal Potentate

          Thanks Buttercup.
          To address your concern, I’m using “steamy & passionate” with a touch of sarcasm here.
          I’m also saying “woman” in the way most of my gay friends talk, which is not Twitter-friendly PC/woke.
          It’s to say that the creators aren’t prioritizing the porn. It’s not a romance story or even erotica; it’s porn.
          There’s a definite line between erotica and porn. Words like “steamy, passionate” are often descriptors of female-focused erotica. Erotica relies on sound, character relationships and implied sensations.
          Porn gives me up close shots of someone’s blown out, cum filled hole. It assumes 90% of the viewers are watching on mute.
          When we’re seeing a rimming scene and we never see the dude’s hole, but you get the distinct feeling that based on how matte the film is that “waves of pleasured rippled through him,” that’s when I feel like they just don’t understand what they’re trying to accomplish.

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