What Did Daddy Derek Kage Just Say to a Shocked Grant Ducati?

Frankly, I don’t care what words come out of Derek Kage’s hot mouth. With that deep sexy voice of is, he could recite the phonebook and it would make me instantly hard.

As it turns out, when he gets some alone time with stepson Grant Ducati, he talks about how great it is to have some bonding time with him as he massages his shoulders. And how when he was Grant’s age, he used to mess around with guys all the time. Cause, you know, everyone did. (Just don’t tell your mom, okay?)

Derek Kage, Grant Ducati Derek Kage, Grant Ducati

Derek Kage, Grant Ducati

Derek is having himself quite the year so far, doing more studio work than he ever has at the likes of CockyBoys (that scene with him fucking Hazel Hoffman…yes please!), Lucas Entertainment and the Next Door family (can we get this man in some Disruptive scenes, please?! He debuts there at the end of the month with Casey Everett, and I can’t wait to see it..he’s perfect for that studio). In the meantime, he creates some electricity here with Grant (I know because of the actual electricity special effects in the trailer!).

Derek Kage, Grant Ducati Derek Kage, Grant Ducati

Derek Kage, Grant Ducati

The two take turns sucking on each other’s hot cocks (Derek jacking his boner as Grant straddles and fucks his face is pretty fucking hot), and then they take turns plowing each other (that’s right, we get he lesser-seen top side of Grant!). Grant kissing Derek as he fucks him on his back is hot, as is watching Grant stay rock hard as he takes it on his back or when he mounts Derek’s dick.

Would you be able to resist stepdaddy Derek?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios and Next Door Taboo!


6 thoughts on “What Did Daddy Derek Kage Just Say to a Shocked Grant Ducati?”

      1. Oh it wasn’t backhand sweet cheeks, it was full open hand slap. You obviously are still stuck in a time where you think being a good top is just about being able to fuck. It’s not. It’s about energy and characteristics. And neither of those performers have what it takes. So take your overpriced lemon drop martini and head back to The Abbey. Leave this for the adults.

        1. Universal Potentate

          They’re good tops. There was nothing in the performance that showed otherwise.
          People like you use vague terms like “energy” or “characteristics” when you cannot provide any clear descriptions of their performance.
          You are typing to be seen, not to communicate anything meaningful. Hopefully no one will give you any further attention your infantile mind craves after this post.

          1. Oh not you again. If there’s anyone “typing to be seen” it’s you. Your constant inane comments on just about every single article posted are attention seeking at best and narcissistic at worst. How anyone can have something to say about every post suggests you have waaaay too much time on your hands. Get a hobby. Like knitting. Or learning to top.

  1. Universal Potentate

    I’m not normally into generational gap porn, but these two work together really well.
    Both extremely hot. And I love versatile breeding scenes the most.
    This is definitely my kind of porn.

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