Andre Donovan, Luca del Rey

What Happens When You Wear A Metal Buttplug Through TSA

While we definitely wouldn’t recommend shoving metal sex toys in your ass before going through TSA – sounds like a great way to get put on the No-Fly list – if you ever find yourself living in a universe that operates by the same rules of a typical gay porno, then you might want to consider shoving a toy up here and letting TSA worker Andre Donovan give you a real deep cavity search.

For the latest episode of Take Off, the Raging Stallion movie that’s all about a hoard of horny men that are stranded at an airport, Andre is just trying to do his job when horny traveler Luca del Rey makes his way through his security line. After spotting some irregularities with Luca’s scan, Andre pulls him into a back area where he examines Luca’s back area and discovers that he’s stowing away a metal buttplug in his hole. Never one to pass up a fuck-ready hole, Andre decides to give Luca a more thorough inspection as he takes out the toy, refills the horny traveler with his long cock, and fucks him across the vacant room. Take a look below to see some of this TSA-approved action:

What do you think of this scene? Have you ever worn a sexcessory on your person while going through TSA? Would you ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this raging fuck, head over to!

[Watch TAKE OFF ft. Andre Donovan & Luca del Rey]


4 thoughts on “What Happens When You Wear A Metal Buttplug Through TSA”

  1. Rather watch him than Devin Franco! Devin Franc lost all attraction for me after seeing the clip when shoves the car keys up his arse! That was bad enough but then gets fist fucked…..he dropped on my favs list to not even being on it!

  2. Had a prince Albert and forgot about it and set the detector off, it was an interesting wanding and explanation.

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