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What Hung Superstar Makes His Long-Anticipated Return in CockyBoys/RandyBlue Co-Production?

This week CockyBoys and the resurgent RandyBlue officially announced its upcoming co-production that will be released next month—and it features one of my all-time favorite performers, who hasn’t done studio work in six years!

Shot on location in Miami, Boys Will Be Boys brings together most of the new 2023 CockyBoys exclusives—Tristan Hunter, Daniel Evans, Lane Colten, Evan Knoxx and Greyson Myles—along with Cocky regulars Trevor Brooks, Sean Xavier and Derek Kage. But the big treat is that it also includes two big stars who (for the most part) got their start at RandyBlue: Diego Sans and (drum roll please…) Andrew Stark!

Andrew Stark

That’s right, we said Andrew Stark…that tall and hot bearded jock with the big dick who spent most of his last few years in porn at Falcon and Raging Stallion, and last seen in 2017’s blockbuster sequel Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2. I’m so excited I can’t stand it, and am already hard just looking at the new promo pics with him.

RandyBlue was THE studio over 10 years ago, but stopped releasing new content in early 2016 before relaunching late last year with not much fanfare. The new project comes from the Cocky creative team, including owner Jake Jaxson, along with fellow award- winning directors RJ Sebastian and Raphael Massicotte.

Diego Sans

Says Jaxson: “I was excited to see that RandyBlue was being relaunched, because before I became a director, that was my go to site — I loved the carefree energy and the authentic sexiness of the guys — they were not pretending, or trying to be anything other than hot and horny guys. RandyBlue was a big source of inspiration in how I wanted to fashion CockyBoys — a kind of Boys Will Be Boys homoerotic daydream.”

Andrew Stark, Nick Sterling, Brian Bonds

An unnamed “RandyBlue rep” added that the upcoming co-production “will mark the official relaunch of We began a soft launch in early 2023 and the response was more than we had anticipated, and based on fan feedback we have decided to turbo charge our time line and commit to reinvigorating this iconic brand with consistent regular weekly updates.”

Andrew Stark, Josh Conners

Anything that brings Andrew back into my world is a good thing, so I can’t wait to see more of him! In the meantime, catch his big dick in his hottest work at Falcon!

12 thoughts on “What Hung Superstar Makes His Long-Anticipated Return in CockyBoys/RandyBlue Co-Production?”

  1. Michael DelRay is handsome. Too bad he uses the deeply arrogant Dante Colle as a model! He could have done better, because Dante Colle is the epitome of boredom.

    1. Clay retired. Spending most of his time in his jail cell.

      And Michael is going the Dante Colle route into obscurity.

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