What I Would Have Blogged About

Had I not been on vacation for the past week…

Thanks to everyone for sending in your tips (and your hate mail! xox) while I was away. And special thanks to Gay Porn Blog’s Michael Stabile for keeping The Sword alive and well in my absence.

Here’s what I (and maybe you?) missed:

–Muscle hunk Jason Adonis granted not one, but two interviews to Gay Porn Times and Vincent Lambert in which he explained (in both interviews) how “staying hard becomes so exhausting.” He’ll be bottoming in an upcoming scene, which is great, although don’t forget he already did that before, for Erik Rhodes. Also, he’ll be having interracial sex in an upcoming scene, and he hasn’t done that before! (Unless his wife is black?)

–Openly HIV-positive Mason Wyler officially retired, officially, writing, “I’ve contacted every erotic studio you can think of and haven’t had any response. No one is interested in casting me anymore,” which is weird because almost every erotic studio I can think of has at least one openly HIV-positive gay porn star working for them.

–Retired porn star Aden Jaric went on Twitter asking his followers for a password to BelAmiOnline.com. It’s funny that a former porn star would ask people who used to pay for his porn for a password to watch other people’s porn! When no one would give him a free password, he announced that he would just wait for the Bel Ami porn to show up on a “free website” and that he “is not paying for porn” because he is a “cheap gay,” which is true! Then, Samuel Colt told Aden Jaric that he says stupid things, which is also true. Then again, maybe he doesn’t have any money because he donated it all to Jordan Jaric’s brain surgery bills?

–The main character from those Black Spark movies–a.k.a. College Dude’s Josh Stark, a.k.a. Corbin Fisher’s Kevin–is back (pictured above), and he’s moved on from solos to having bareback sex with magical redhead Delila. If the pattern of CF scenes holds, he’ll be having sex with a man “for the first time” before the end of the month.

–Uhh, I guess that’s it. I would have written about four things. Oh! Chip Tanner made a new movie! It’s always fun to end with a movie.




8 thoughts on “What I Would Have Blogged About”

  1. Wasn’t the “Black Spark’s” whole schtick was to make more interesting and original gay porn? So what does he do, he signs on with a unoriginal, paint by the numbers porn company that will restrict him for doing anything with another studio or on his own for at least a year. Kind of defeats the purpose or intent of the whole Black Spark thing.

    1. “Kevin” is the model in the videos, but I don’t think he’s the filmmaker. The voice in the one Black Spark podcast interview sounds different than “Josh” at Collegedudes or “Kevin” at CF.

    1. … and if you join your two neurons with James Jamisson’s two maybe you can end world hunger and get world peace.

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