What the Fuck Is Going On With This Men.com Leather Situation?

So, Men.com shot some porn in a sex dungeon somewhere, and it’s pretty weird.

Weirder still is putting Johnny Rapid in leather and then having him get a blowjob from Jimmy Fanz while suspended from a spider web made of chains.

Now that Jimmy Fanz is retiring (maybe for good), could this end up being his last scene ever? Because that would be sad. As it turns out, The Sword has learned this was actually the very first scene Jimmy filmed for Men.com. Why they released it just now, or at all, is a little baffling. Fortunately, Jimmy’s other 35 scenes with Men.com are much, much better. Ditto for every other scene of his.

This is a follow-up to this scene, I’m Leaving You Part 1, in which Johnny breaks up with his boyfriend Tom Faulk because Tom is too boring. Johnny goes off and has some not-so-wild sex with Phenix Saint, and then Part 2 finds him wandering into a kinky sex club / dungeon, awkwardly wearing a harness.



Jimmy offers to let him try on his harness, which gets Johnny really hard, and then the blowjob begins.





Then Johnny ends up on that web, which he calls “exotic” while he’s getting his dick sucked through it.




And then they fuck on a lube-smeared pommel horse.








And surprise! It’s a flip-fuck.







It’s just odd all around, and these two have just about zero chemistry, and if this turns out to be Jimmy’s last ever scene in porn, just ugh.




[Men.com: I’m Leaving You Part 2]


1 thought on “What the Fuck Is Going On With This Men.com Leather Situation?”

  1. Well…sadly this is what happens when you employ straight men to do gay porn and then hire lesbians and straight guys to direct it, you end up with mediocre shit such as this….

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