Logan Aarons, Chris Damned

What the Hell is Going On With Logan Aarons & Chris Damned?!

We haven’t seen Chris Damned at Men.com in over a year and a half (remember his Super Bowl halftime snack?), and apparently it’s because he has been in some kind of accident that renders his arms useless. Or at least, that’s the fantasy backstory I’ve concocted for the scene “Straight Buddy Needs a Hand.”

Limited in his mobility, Chris calls bud Logan Aarons over to help him (you may recall that Logan also had a naked Super Bowl party, scoring with Dom King). Chris needs help eating phallic food (hello, corn dog), peeing (where Chris “accidentally” gets hard), and…of course…jacking off. (Never mind the fact that he’s just wearing easily removable braces, not plaster casts…but whatever). Anyway, look at how cute these two are…

Logan Aarons, Chris Damned Logan Aarons, Chris Damned

Logan Aarons, Chris Damned

Silly, yes…but these two are so cute, it works. The smiles on both of their faces when Chris opens the door and welcomes Logan in are genuine and adorable, and I love seeing Logan eager to help out his bud. That starts with the jock stroking and sucking the tattooed stud’s rock-hard uncut cock.

Logan Aarons, Chris Damned Logan Aarons, Chris Damned

Logan Aarons, Chris Damned

Logan then rides Chris, the bottom’s dick nice and stiff as he bounces on the top. Logan gets increasingly sweaty as the scene goes on (look at his body glistens when he tales it doggy, where his boner continues to bob!), then jacks offs he takes it on his back (when Chris also takes a whiff of the bottom’s foot). Kinda loving these two together…corn dogs and all.

See the full scene at Men.com!


11 thoughts on “What the Hell is Going On With Logan Aarons & Chris Damned?!”

  1. Someone punched Chris Damned at In and Out burgers the other night when he tried to butt in line and then some drag queen knocked his two front teeth out and everyone applauded. It was so much fun!

  2. I just saw a collaboration with Chris, Vander and Adam Wirthmore. There are several light brown spots all over Chris’ back which left me wondering if these are more tattoos in the beginning stages or something else going on, a skin condition perhaps. Does anyone know what’s happening with his back? It’s kind of concerning.

  3. Chris Damned is no longer relevant! No one wants to be with that ego-maniac covered with graffiti. That prick burned all his bridges with producers and fans. It’s time for him to get a REAL JOB. Perhaps McDonalds is hiring people to flip burgers during the holidays.

  4. Chris Damned is stunning. Beauty of an international catwalk model. Logan Aarons has that typical American beauty that is easy on the eyes. I don’t understand why these two lads got tattoos if they are already naturally beautiful.

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