Michael Boston, Finn Harding, Troye Dean

What To Do If You Ever Get Stuck in a Bookshelf

I know, I know…we all roll our eyes at the crazy predicaments Men.com constantly throws our way. But did you ever actually laugh in spite of yourself? I’m ashamed to admit that’s exactly what happened to me in the latest from the studio’s Magna Cum Load series.

And we should consider ourselves lucky: At least there are no women in this scene (yay!). Instead, we find professor Michael Boston tutoring jock Finn Harding in the library when the two are interrupted by twink Troye Dean—who hides under their table to hide from a meathead he just pranked. While on his knees, Troye decides to start slurping on Finn’s cock (I mean, why not?).

Michael Boston, Finn Harding, Troye Dean

Michael Boston, Finn Harding

But Troye’s bully soon returns to rough him around a little (including a stupid gag with a dummy that, against my better judgment, made me laugh). The twink soon finds himself stuck in a bookshelf, at which point Michael and Finn decide to spit roast him (with some Eiffel Towering thrown in for good measure).

Michael Boston, Finn Harding, Troye Dean Michael Boston, Finn Harding, Troye Dean

Michael wants to get fucked too, so Finn soon pounds him doggy, then fucks both the professor and the twink missionary on a table (check out that nice aerial shot).

Michael Boston, Finn Harding, Troye Dean

Michael and Finn cover Troye’s face with their loads—his face a goopy mess at the end (aww, looks like he might have taken some in the eye, poor fella).

See the full scene at Men.com!


6 thoughts on “What To Do If You Ever Get Stuck in a Bookshelf”

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  2. I’d be on my knees in a heart beat if I got to slurp on Finn Harding’s cock and then face down ass up waiting for him to fuck me. Oh Yeah!!!

  3. There was a guff-fah when the dummy hit the wall, I must admit.
    Not bad for Men-dot-COM
    But there isn’t a twink or daddy in that loop.

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