Ptit Pain, Tony Rekins, Jalif Studio

What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Fucked?

What’s the strangest object you’ve ever put your dick in? A pie? A shoe? A melon? A jar of peanut butter? A cup with some sponges and a rubber glove? The area between your mattress and your boxspring?

Well if your answer was “a shoe” or you have a serious sneaker fetish – then I’ve got some porn that you’ll love. In the latest scene from JalifStudio, Ptit Pain dominates and humiliates Tony Rekins. Pain spits in his mouth and forces Rekins to worship his shoes. Rekins puts his slobbering bitch mouth all over his kicks before Pain bends his bottom over and wrecks his hole. In between all that, we get to watch these hunks stuff a shoe with their cocks and at the end, both of the boys shoot their nut ropes into and all over Pain’s sneakers.

Ptit Pain, Tony Rekins, Jalif StudioPtit Pain, Tony Rekins, Jalif StudioPtit Pain, Tony Rekins, Jalif Studio

So I’m gonna ask you again – what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever put your dick in or cum on? Have you ever voluntarily fucked a shoe? Have you ever been humiliated into fucking a shoe? A different object? Sound off with your weird fuck stories in the comments below and be sure to watch this full shoe-fucking scene over at JalifStudio.



6 thoughts on “What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Fucked?”

  1. An emotionally mature man capable of identifying and expressing feelings verbally. Good experience. Would fuck again.

  2. I accept a lot of fetish, but if there’s a number and my ass hole, then why fuck a shoe? You can fuck me hard, dry or wet, he can shoot the cum in my mouth and in my hole. Use me and not a shoe.


      i bought one too and didnt like it, honestly i loved the old two sponges , a glove and a red cup the best. i was looking at a rubber sleeve on a toy site, any suggestions guys?

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