When Was Brady Jensen’s Hair Hotter?

As revealed here yesterday, Brady Jensen has signed an exclusive contract with Bel Ami, and his first scene debuts next month on BelAmiOnline. But when did he have the best hairstyle?

Because if you’re going to judge him, you might as well judge him by his hair since that’s the only thing that’s changed over the past two years (although, he does look slightly more toned in his Bel Ami pics). So, do you prefer the floppy-haired, natural look from his Sean Cody days? The mousse-ridden hair don’t during his Cocksure Men tenure? Or, did Bel Ami get it right by simply hiring someone to finally give Brady Jensen a haircut?

From left to right, Brady (as Jonah) for Sean Cody, for Cocksure Men, and today, for Bel Ami (and not that you asked, but duh, yes, I’d take any one of the three versions):

[Sean Cody: Jonah]

[Cocksure Men: Brady Jensen]




9 thoughts on “When Was Brady Jensen’s Hair Hotter?”

  1. I thought his best look was for Cocksuremen in his scene with Kevin Crows. The other hairstyles were all a mess. I think he looks best with shorter hair, because he has such a strong, handsome face.

  2. When I read the news about him joining BelAmi I wasn’t sure if he would be a good fit, but those BelAmi pics really blow me away.

  3. Bel Ami. I liked his look at Cocksure Men but he just didn’t seem to fit physically with their other models. The ones he did fit with- like Kevin Crowes and Riley Price- went from “exclusive” to “pursuing other options” pretty damn quick.

    He seems like a good fit for Bel Ami, physically, but I’m afraid it’s gonna be to brief. I wish him well.

  4. Thanks for the hot pix, I knew once he was in the fold they would start producing some hot photos of him and presto here they are. Its not when was his hair hotter, its when was he hotter. The day he signed on with B.A.

  5. Brady is a dream, welcome in my bed anytime! I’d say his body had also changed since the Sean Cody days – looks more muscular and ripped. Love it! And the BelAmi hair style!

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