When Was He Hotter: Vince Ferelli

Gay porn star Vince Ferelli has been retired for most of the year, but yesterday he made a rare public appearance at the Tim & Roma Show brunch here in San Francisco to talk about his career and mingle with fans. Here is what he looks like now…

Here’s Vince with longer locks and a giddy Chris Porter. Looks like retirement is treating him well!

[Top Image: Colt Studios; Bottom Image: Facebook]


13 thoughts on “When Was He Hotter: Vince Ferelli”

  1. I met Vince in spring at a horror film convention in the Mid-west….. He is producing and acting in Indie horror films under his real name Jared Degado for a company called Muscle Wolf Productions (whose line-up of actors are all hot male bodybuilders) he looked incredible, and he and all the other actors/ bodybuilders were incredibly nice….. I for one, am looking forward to seeing Vince/Jared in his new venture in horror films…..I am sure, he is gonna be as successful and popular in the horror film arena as he was in gay adult films!

  2. Agree with the majority on here that haircut has got to go. And it is unfortunate about his face, but at least he still keeps his body in tact.

    And another person who has side effects from steroids: Spencer Reed. His back is looks horrible because of the amount of acne on it. I hope he is healing well from his attack.

  3. He looks ok. Isn’t it ironic that with porn models we are willing to watch them, regardless of their roided up, bloated moon face as long as they have a good body.

    In real life, someone’s face is far more important than their body.

  4. I liked Vince’s haircut back in 1994. I also thought guys that wore flannel shirts, Dr. Martens, smelled like sweat and patchouli, and could Nirvana on a guitar were hot too.

    1. Is that what it is? I saw Chris’s face and I was wondering why it was looking puffy. I thought he was just gaining weight in his face.

      1. When people take steroids they get a puffy face.
        It’s most noticeable as puffiness around the chin and eyes.

        Other side effects which are a clear indication of someone on roids are growth of breast tissue, erectile problems, acne, aggressive/anti social behavior…

        So you know all those angry porn models with puffy heads and man boobs? ROIDS!

  5. Yeah that hair got to go. Then we can see if he got roid face. But smile and more importantly body still looks good. Plus he can really suck dick. Always a plus.

  6. He doesn’t look too bad, but I know I definitely like him better with shorter/buzzed hair. I wish he’d come back to the industry, too. He was a great performer and one of the best bottoms in gay porn history, at least I think so.

  7. From far Vince looked much much much more attractive before he retired. But, it is his choice and I respect it.

  8. Ugghh very hot man but his face has changed in a very unnatural way , probably because of HGH of testosterone injections.
    He’s a great porn performer and I still like him like this BUT THIS GODAWFUL HAIRCUT NEEDS TO GO!!

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