Where Do You Fall On James Jamesson’s Sexuality Scale?

Insanely hot gay porn star and insanely insane blogger James Jamesson has written another wacky thing! This time, James Jamesson introduces us to the “James Jamesson Sexuality Scale” (technically he doesn’t title it, but I am), and this scale is…wacky!

Imagine if the Kinsey scale could be on drugs, and then imagine that the Kinsey scale took 17 hits of acid, sucked its own dick, huffed a bottle of rubber cement, dyed its hair fire engine red, and then sat down in front of a computer to explain itself. That is the essence of what James Jamesson has created with this, a scale from 1 to 10 that seeks to define your sexuality with corresponding labels like “Pan,” “Straight,” “Tranny,” “Hetero,” and “Fag.”

James, who is now officially the best porn star blogger of all time, doesn’t say what number he is–maybe because even he doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about?–so don’t bother trying to figure out what your number is. In fact, don’t try to make any sense of any of this at all, actually. Just sit back, relax, and let James’ words wash over you like a wave of warm, old bong water, because if there were ever something you could read on the internet that could give you a contact high, this is it:

This scale goes from 1-10. Also with this scale, if you are any number besides five, you are also the opposite side of the scale too, so if your a three, your also an eight , or if your a one, your also ten, ect. ect. With one being “straight” and ten being “tranny”. Keep in mind, we are all connected so each and everyone of us can embody any and all of these depending on the situation and person because we are constantly in flux, and as humans, are a product of change. I’m going to start with one and ten and work my way to the middle.

One- Straight= very little if any addiction to power. When one takes the term “straight” seriously, one must only do what one is told. I believe we derived the “straight” from “straight-edge”. Or as in, be a good-little boy Johnny, and listen to your Mommy, she knows best and she loves you like no other woman ever will. Hahaha why do you think “straight guys” have a girlfriend who acts just like their Mom? Because that’s what their looking for.

Ten- Tranny= extreme addiction to power. For someone to go out of their way to manipulate their exterior through unnatural means to control others, and be treated like they really were that person is way beyond drastic measures. They actually are telling nature, that nature is wrong. Are you serious? Nature doesn’t make mistakes, humans do. Nature does just as it should. It’s idealistic, aesthetic humans that make mistakes. To consider oneself a female in a males body is a completely different issue. I believe everyone is a female on the inside, sometimes it’s just harder to find, but if you watch closely, and listen carefully, you will see it too.

Two- Hetero= little addiction to power but also one of the rarest. To be hetero has most of his sex with females, but occasionally has sex with another male. The difference between “straight” and hetero is this, one is a mentality, the former, the other is a sexuality, the latter. A male or female can look at another person of the same sex and admire his or her beauty, and want to play with them and still be hetero. Hetero means that your a “Breeder”.

Nine- Pan= Alpha addiction to power. As pansexual one assumes all are a part of him, which is why he is able to use all and make love to all. To him or her all is one, and everything outside of themselves is a toy to play with. This person is able to put themselves in others heads.

Three- bi= moderate addiction to power. Someone who is bi-sexual is able to play either gender, depending on the person male or female. This is one of the most common and if you take out “straight” and “tranny” which are mind sets, or “programing”, it is the most common. I know someone who agrees with me too, Freud.

Eight- fag= Beta addiction to power. A number eight identifies as a submissive personality and is especially useful to “Alpha-Personalities” because of a Beta’s willingness to be Beta to someone’s Alpha. They cannot strive alone, they need someone else to be the main character in their own movie.

Four- bi-homo= moderate to balanced addiction to power. This person primarily identifies as the feminine and has mostly homosexual sex. They are very moderate in most of their actions and attitudes.

Seven- queer= medium to strong addiction to power. This is a very common one, most people who are looked at or consider themselves “gay” are actually “queer” as in what queer literally means, weird, or more so, to have a weird habit or addiction. If your obsessed with big tits, big cock or just big things, your queer. There’s many instances of queer addictions, BDSM for instance or WS and the list goes on…

Five- homo= balanced addiction to power. This person has a genuine appreciation for a person of the same sex but different style of gender. For instance homosexual males are not a gay male, they are a heterosexual female with a males body. This is one of the rarest types of person. Especially with younger people. Most people tend to balance out as they get older.

Six- gay= medium to balanced addiction to power. This person is highly common and has homosexual relations due to their gay lifestyle, not necessarily due to their admiration for the same sex. Many of these people live a straight lifestyle and have no idea their actually gay.


[James Jamesson: Follow-up from Sex and Sexuality Blog and Life of JJ]

16 thoughts on “Where Do You Fall On James Jamesson’s Sexuality Scale?”

  1. He tried hard to be so deep and meaningful, and it seems like he spent some time thiking about it, but its all flawed; he went out of his way to say “if you are any number besides five, you are also the opposite side of the scale too” according to his scale if you’re a 1 you’re a 10, 2 and 9, 3 and 8, 4 and 7….. so then 5 and 6 go together too

  2. The scariest thing is that he actually spent time THINKING about this.

    I have enough experience to know that ANY TIME a straight guy claims that a gay guy is a female in a man’s body (see #5) then said straight guy is an idiot who knows nothing about anything, least of all how sexuality works.

  3. I can’t get past the fact that he doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re, or they’re and their. Not that I expected a porn actor to be smart, but still.

  4. No wonder you work in porn; now if you can join your two neurons with the two that Chip Tanner has maybe both of you can end world hunger and make world peace a reality!

  5. He’s trying so hard to articulate his high-as-fuck thoughts and failing and it is still a little adorable.

  6. Why are we giving this dumbass more attention than he deserves? He’s attractive but not as hot as everyone else makes him out to be too.

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