Which Hairy Chest Is The Newest Raging Stallion Exclusive?


It’s gorgeous sex Furby, Trent Locke!









“He has a killer body and very, very nice coating of beautiful chest hair,” says Chris Ward. “He reminds me very much of Steve Cruz when he started in porn.”

Ward’s worked with the Locke before, of course — after all he turned him out for his first bottoming scene in Golden Gate last year, and according to Locke, he can’t get enough. (But who can?) I like to imagine the Raging Stallion-Falcon stable as a whirling dormitory of sexual athletes, each one feeding off the others hormones until even venturing near the door of their secret clubhouse become dangerous.  (Because frankly, that was what the set of GRUNTS was like.)

Luckily for Raging Stallion-Falcon branding, Locke comes in two flavors: shaved and unshaved (below), and is delicious in each. So go easy boys, this meat isn’t just fresh, he’s also tender.




11 thoughts on “Which Hairy Chest Is The Newest Raging Stallion Exclusive?”

  1. These are very, very old photos! Wow – I’m not sure why two year old pictures from Next Door Studios from when I was still in Michigan were chosen, but I have better/more recent ones on my site.

  2. urrgggh Very avreage body , average face , looks a little fem if you shave the beard , like Angelo Marconi .
    Stop signing these useless exclusives RS!!

  3. I thought Raging Stallion in-house rapper Chris Porter popped a cap in this new Raging Stallion exclusive’s pussy ass. Weird dynamics. Yo.

    1. I agree w/ Tom Breston. This guy is average looking at best. Still hot, but average. But definitely way below Raging Stallion standards, with the exception of their fisting and fetish films

      1. It just doesn’t makes sense. Why does Raging feel that they have to sign every model, including bad performers such as Trent. I thought he was cute until I watched one of his scenes. He’s just boring. Never seems into it. They should use the great performers they already have signed. Just my opinion.

        1. I could be wrong, but I think it was Chichi that said what the bigname studios try to do is sign every1 they can as an exclusive, just so nobody else can have them. That’s pretty damn selfish but the performer is also at some fault too. They should be able to determine for themselves if they have the ability to work with a multiple number of studios. In Trent’s case tho, I think it’s Raging Stallion’s loss and his gain

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