Which Is Hotter?: 2012’s Aidan From Sean Cody, or 2015’s Aidan, Now Tryp Bates

The model formerly known as Aidan at Sean Cody, who debuted in 2012 and went on to make a dozen scenes over the next year, has reemerged this year with a new name, Tryp Bates. And today he makes his Hot House debut in a flip-flop scene with Nick Sterling.

It’s the fourth scene from their latest “ass”-titled feature, called Monumental Ass — which could be read a couple different ways, but I digress.

Before we get into the scene, let’s compare incarnations of Aidan/Tryp.

These days, he’s got a few more tattoos, and more body and facial hair.




He’s hot, right? But do you prefer him Sean Cody flavor, or Raging Stallion/Hot House flavor? Mild or spicy?

Now, without further delay, you can watch him and Nick rim, suck, and fuck each other on a box.

[Hot House: Monumental Ass, Scene 4]

11 thoughts on “Which Is Hotter?: 2012’s Aidan From Sean Cody, or 2015’s Aidan, Now Tryp Bates”

  1. Aidan by a mile. His physical beauty shows much better with less body hair. His scenes at SC with Jarek, Stu and Joshua were awesome. He seemed to really dig Stu and his performance showed.

  2. Awww. My favorite was before he was Aidan, when he was go-go dancing in San Francisco. Sweet guy. I had just been wondering a few weeks ago if he was okay. His Facebook has been awfully quiet for a long time. Glad to hear that he seems to be doing okay.

  3. He looks a whole lot better today. When he first started, he was nothing special. Just another generic, apple pie just-post-college white boy at SC; completely interchangeable with the herd of other models who passed through that site and could be described the same way. Now he stands out. He’s edgier, handsomer, sexier and has more of a persona than he did back then.

  4. Tryp, hands down – you got to give a shout out though to whoever photoshop’s the dicks at HotHouse – he was quite fine enough without all your fiddling about.

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