Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks

Which One of These Big-Dicked Trevors is Gonna Bottom?

Getting to see either Trevor Harris or Trevor Brooks in a scene is reason enough to watch it, but when we get both of them together? Hell yes! But who tops and who bottoms here? The answer might surprise you…

We haven’t seen Mr. Brooks top as much since his debut last year. He flipped in an outdoor fuck with Evan Knoxx last year, then showed us two rare total top encounters when he rammed Greyson Myles in the debut of Happy Endings, then fucked Evan again at Rod’s Room. Meanwhile, Mr. Harris has topped a lot more in his career (to be fair, the sampling size is a lot larger), although he seems to have veered more bottom recently. But I still would have guessed he was the top in this new pairing…and I would be wrong!

Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks

Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks

This Next Door Taboo entry casts the two as stepbros, and I think is playing it fast and loose with the title “Bullying the Stepbro.” Teasing is probably the better word, but I guess “bullying” sadly gets more clicks? (And with that hot voice, I’d let Trevor Brooks say whatever the hell he wanted to me…he even sounds hot talking about “banging some chicks, dude!“). Anyway, Brooks teases Harris…who then confronts his “tormentor” when he finds out that he’s also gay.

Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks

Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks Trevor Harris, Trevor Brooks

Mr. Harris is the one who gets on his knees to suck that dick, then bends over to take his stepbro’s hard cock. Which one of these Trevors would you want as your wink wink stepbro?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


4 thoughts on “Which One of These Big-Dicked Trevors is Gonna Bottom?”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Oh wow! They offered a profound psychological insight into all Republicans!
    “I only bully you because … WE can’t fuck.”

    1. at first i was thinking what a bad comparison since trevor has light brown hair with blue eyes and Ally was dark brunette with dark brown eyes but I just googled her again and omg you’re right. Despite the hair color and eye color, they have similar mouth shape, eye shape and nose.

      1. I have seen him make so many faces whether intentionally or not. Kept thinking he reminds me of somebody I seen before. Then when I saw the movie B-Club. Especially when he looks mad or displeased.

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