Which Sean Cody 2015 Newcomer Is Destined To Be a Star?

Will it be Sean? Or Coty? Or Cody? Or someone else not named after the company?

I think we can all agree that the Sean Cody team kept their promise to up their recruitment efforts this year following the big merger with Mindgeek. They’re doing slightly fewer scenes (fewer solos too), but a few of the guys they’ve debuted, especially since the spring, have been pretty goddamn hot.

So, now that we’re heading into the final quarter of the year, it’s time to take a full accounting.

Brace yourselves, because I’ve got 23 of them here, and I left some out just because…

Lane appeared in February and has been showing off his power-bottoming skills five times since then, most notably looking smitten with Forrest.



Remember this guy? He’s probably not coming back, but the casting folks showed some optimism giving him the name Cody, only to christen a Coty a few months later.



I thought this guy, who debuted in May, was incredibly handsome and sexy in this impish, WASPish way. I so want to see him fuck someone, but, alas, it hasn’t happened.


Brendan, who has to compete at SC with the famous Brandon for single-name recognition, burst onto the scene in May and has already done four duo scenes, most notably with Brandon himself, in which he got to tease his cock around top-only Brandon’s asshole. (But Brandon is clearly getting fucked any day now…)


Teddy appeared in April and came back quickly to do three more scenes, and he’s a hot and built, dumb-as-rocks-looking, uncut fuckstud.


One of the only men of color to show up this year was Brett, and he has not returned, so far.


Yes, I made fun of his Tintin hair, but he’s turned into a pretty able top, doing five scenes already.


This guy is not only fit and gorgeous as fuck, he has a phenomenally beautiful penis. It’s one for the books. And he did a championship job with the solo, too.



Rare for Sean Cody, Steven is kind of swarthy and Latin looking, and has a hot cock. He has not returned since his jackoff session in mid-July.


This guy was one of those “holy fuck” moments for me where I was like, “Where have you been all this time while we’ve been watching such second-rate himbos fumbling with their junk?” Zachary might be the one to beat here, but we still don’t know if he’ll be back to fuck any holes.



Here’s hoping he’s a bottom? It is a fine ass…


Shout-out to the ginger lovers. And yes, Ben is also probably a bottom.



This ginger top (at least he looks top-ish) hasn’t been back since his July debut, but I hold out hope.



Yes, I know, Payton actually debuted in 2014, but because he disappeared after his solo and didn’t come back to do a fuck scene until a month ago, with Rusty, and because he’s ridiculously handsome, he’s getting on this list goddammit.



My guess is that this straight, southern jock is never coming back, but I can dream. He is jacked.



Also, this guy. Doubt we’ll ever see him back. But I can dream.



Rowan’s part of the new crop of guys who skip the solo and go straight to the sex. In this case, Rowan took a crack at Forrest’s ample ass, and that’s all we’ve seen of him so far. Update: Spoke too soon! He came back this week to fuck Duncan too.


Scott also dove straight into a duo, with Tanner, and he is pretty hot and hairy — though I maybe wasn’t fair when I did a side-by-side with Alex Mecum, who is just stupid hot.



He just debuted with a jackoff scene and hasn’t fucked any holes yet, but that cock is girthier than it looks in these shots, and he’s pretty fucking hot.


We’ve already had two fuck scenes from Donny, who also skipped out on the solo, with him topping both times first with Perry, and then a week later with Curtis. He’s got a bit of an 80s teen movie villain quality, right? Kind of hot.


Nathan could just become one of the site’s next power-bottoms, and he definitely liked Brandon’s dick up his ass. But! He also got to top, with Sean, proving he’s just as versatile as big-dicked Sean.



And the other one to beat is Sean, because he’s already made my list of the hottest newcomers of the first half of 2015, industry-wide, and Sean Cody seems pretty confident in him too, since in his short first few months he’s already shot a solo, three duo scenes, and an epic, amazing threeway. He’s game, he’s totally vers, and his dick is fucking big. He’s clearly going far.


Finally, we get to this week’s newcomer. Anderson is hyper-masc and former military, but that’s not to say he hasn’t done some ass-fucking. I have some hope for this one.


Now, if you can decide, vote for your three favorites.


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4 thoughts on “Which Sean Cody 2015 Newcomer Is Destined To Be a Star?”

  1. An awesome group of hot guys. I voted for Payton but Nathan, Zachary, and Sean are right near the top of my list. I would also like to see Kristian be groomed as a hot go to bottom boy.

  2. Cody is actually pretty cute. I had actually forgotten all about him.
    …and Zachary… Really? I still fail to see what the big deal is. He seems pretty generic to me. It’s not like he has model good looks like Davis or Jacob.

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