Drake Von, Joey Mills

Who Bottoms Better for Drake Von’s Big Dick: Biscuit Dough, or Joey Mills’ Buns?

I know, I know…I’m rolling my eyes, too. But look on the bright side: This new Men.com scene may be ludicrous, but at least it has no women it it! (Small victory, but I’ll take it.)

So we get yet another kitchen mishap, following “Balls Dipped,” which we dubbed the Most Obnoxious Men.com Scene of 2022 at the halfway point of the year; and the studio’s kitchen island fuck featuring Mason Wyler’s return to porn—which oddly also featured Troye Dean in a non-sex role (a recurring gag that I’m not enjoying…just let him get naked please!). But given that this series is called “Raunchy Brunch,” you can’t blame the studio for not warning us.

Drake Von, Joey Mills Drake Von, Joey Mills

Here, Joey Mills is kneading dough for biscuits in nothing but an apron, and the site of his buns turns on boyfriend Drake Von—who starts to fuck him from behind over the counter. But when the doorbell rings and two guests arrive, Joey leaves Drake and his big man meat alone. And Drake decides that the best solution is to (fake) jizz in the dough (pay attention, because this plot point becomes important later).

Drake Von, Joey Mills Drake Von, Joey Mills

Soon, Joey rides Drake’s big dick at the table right in front of their dumb guests, who apparently are too stupid to notice. But they do notice when big gobs of (fake) cum drip fall out of the biscuits (really, Men.com?!), which grosses them out enough to leave—and Drake can continue fucking Joey, including a hot shot whee Joey sits down on him, the top reaching around to jack off the hung bottom as he fucks him.

Drake Von, Joey Mills Drake Von, Joey Mills

What a shame that we can’t just enjoy ourselves and get aroused by Drake’s big dick in action. Why do we need all of these unnecessary distractions? Why can’t I drool over hot cocks in peace?!

See the full scene at Men.com!


6 thoughts on “Who Bottoms Better for Drake Von’s Big Dick: Biscuit Dough, or Joey Mills’ Buns?”

  1. I need to admit that I agree with you. The women are superfluous to say the least. I guess you need to contact the people at Men.com to figure that one out. To be honest, I don’y even see the need for clothes. As a nudist myself, I prefer just showing up nude. Of course I can’t do that in my small, but very populated town.

    1. Intentionaly Left Blank

      In 80’s San Francisco you could strip down at the your car and head on into the party, but you had to carry a lunch sack for the condoms and Astroglide.

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