11 thoughts on “Who Plucked It Better?”

  1. STOP. PLUCKING. YOUR. EYEBROWS. GUYS. This is for girls. Dudes have eyebrows that are thick, awesome, sexy and rad. Plucking is for Chic-Fil-A hens and females. If you’re neither a dinner meal or a lady, toss the tweezers till you have a splinter. You are not more ‘fierce’ with mowed eyebrows. You are oddly femine. If you don’t have a vag below your belt, you don’t need to topiary your hair like a Disneyland hedge.

    1. Understand that these cases are extreme, but what about us who are super hairy, and grow a unibrow if we’re not careful? I have to get mine threaded at least twice a month so I can keep the impression that I actually have two eyebrows.

      1. Here’s a mindboggler for you.. I actually think uni-brows are hot. There’s somebody for everybody. But, seriously, as long as you don’t Brazillian-landing-strip your brows, maybe it’s a good look for you. Just know, you’re fine the way you are. For real.

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