Who Should Cum First: The Top Or The Bottom?

As we’re sure you know by now, identical twins Michael Boston and Dylan Cary recently stopped by the Discretion Advised podcast to talk about a number of things with hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill. Throughout the interview, the two brothers talked about Boston bubble butts, announcing your cumshot, and even had a short conversation on Dylan’s bedroom preferences.

The dancer revealed that he’s recently discovered he’s more of a side, someone who doesn’t prefer to top or bottom, and has found more enjoyment with oral and hand action. Dylan revealed that when he does bottom though, he’s very commanding and isn’t going to leave without a satisfying orgasm.

“If I’m bottoming, this is a hostage situation,” said Dylan to the hosts. “I’m in control. I’m riding you until I cum and then we’ll talk about what we need to do for you after, but that’s it… This is about my orgasm, bitch!”

Dylan’s dominant bottoming rules led us to wonder – what is the social etiquette for who gets to cum first? Should the bottom nut before the top? Should the top bust before the bottom? What are the rules here? What does the general public think is the right course of action in this sticky, cum-filled situation?

Well, the only way we thought we could settle this debate is by having you all vote in some perverted polls. So take a look at some of our questions (and some hot shots of Michael Boston flip-fucking Vincent O’Reilly) below, cast your vote, defend your reasoning down in the comments, and help us decide once and for all who should be the first one unloading their balls in the bedroom.

Let us know the reasoning behind your votes down in the comments and if you want to hear more from the Boston bros, be sure to listen to this full conversation with Michael and Dylan over on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on DiscAdPod.com.



12 thoughts on “Who Should Cum First: The Top Or The Bottom?”

  1. It’s better for the top to cum first. If he needs to go fast and furious to cum, that’s good for both of us but if I’d cummed just a little earlier, a rough pounding can be uncomfortable. Also it’s easy for the bottom to cum (it is for me) quickly after the tops gotten off. When the tops about to cum, I can start playing with my cock and cum when he does or shortly after.

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  3. I’m a top & I’ll fuck you well for as long as it takes….., but when I cum…. IT”S OVER. I hate bottoms who want me to cum then want more play afterwards. Go away.., I’m done.

    1. No, I just don’t treat guys that way. I judge where we are both up to, talk to the other guy and we can both blow together.

  4. When I’m Bottoming I like to shoot my load with the Tops cock up my asshole. When I Top I want to shoot my load on the Bottoms ass cheeks, and the have the Bottom cream my Face with hot cum.

  5. If I’m bottoming, I usually can time it to be simultaneous, but the trigger tends to be knowing a guy is about to nut inside me. So I tend to prefer the top cumming first. If he prefers I go first that’s easily done, but if he can’t come quickly after that, it’s definitely a lot less comfortable to take a pounding after I’ve cum.

  6. Universal Potentate

    Ideally, you cum at the same time.
    I can bottom better AFTER I’ve cum, so with vers guys, I like topping first.
    IDEALLY, I want the bottom to cum so I can suck up his cum and spit it back into his ass as lube.
    Problem is that most bottoms can’t bottom after they cum. Usually, I just cum first and keep going. Just training your PC muscle and abs, keeps you really hard and possibly multi-orgasmic.
    Sex can be tricky.

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