Michael Boston, Vincent O'Reilly

Who Tops: Michael Boston or Vincent O’Reilly?

They both have such amazing butts and are known for being stellar bottoms. Who shows off their top skills in this new pairing from Falcon?

As we just noted, a lot of performers have been cast against type recently—with tops bottoming and bottoms topping—and we love it! Now we have Michael Boston and Vincent O’Reilly teaming up, a pair of models who are both up for Best Bottom and Best Butt in the fan categories for this year’s GayVN Awards (which you can vote for now).

Michael Boston, Vincent O'Reilly Michael Boston, Vincent O'Reilly

Who tops? They both do! (Yay!) It’s something we have seen from both men sporadically (definitely more from Michael), and now we get a chance to see their versatility. While swimming, Vincent develops a fixation on pool boy Michael. After Michael jumps onto an inflatable raft, Vincent doesn’t even give him a second to enjoy the water before pulling him over and rimming his delicious ass (and getting his hot knob slurped on).

Michael Boston, Vincent O'Reilly Michael Boston, Vincent O'Reilly

The two find themselves in the shallow end where they flip fuck while still in the pool. Tattooed Vincent backs himself into Michael’s bushy dick (staying nice and stiff as he does i!)  before laying down on the pool floor and letting Michael’s impressive ass ride his long cock (this is my favorite shot…a great angle on Michael’s cheeks and Vincent’s hot shaft, the water splashing around like crazy).

Michael Boston, Vincent O'Reilly Michael Boston, Vincent O'Reilly

With Vincent still inside him, Michael cums all over himself and immediately gets into position for Vincent to facial him with his large load—a hot gusher that paints Michael’s head!

What do you think of Michael and Vincent as tops?

See the full scene at Falcon!


4 thoughts on “Who Tops: Michael Boston or Vincent O’Reilly?”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Thank goodness we are seeing more versatile scenes! The last post TheSword did with Sebastian Sky and Johnny Ford gave me these two bubble-butted, big-dicked hotties where only Sebastian bottomed. I was a bit let down.
    Michael and Vincent have always switched and somehow I find it more relieving than arousing. Can’t explain it beyond that.

  2. I know I’m in the minority but I like bottoms and tops to stay in their place. None of this flip stuff or switching roles. I know that porn studios got to go with what sells best so I just avoid watching scenes that don’t fit my fantasies. I’d never watch my bottom heroes Ruslan Angelo, Allen King, Devin Franco, Dean Young, Felix Fox, Beaux Banks, Vlad Stark, Dylan Hayes, Jim Fit and many others topping. I’d never watch my top hereos Shane Cook, Arad Winwin, Finn Harding, Diego Mattos, Cade Maddox, Malik Delgaty, Alex Kane, Channing Rodd, Jeremy Barker, Kyle Wyncrest, Zilv Gudel, James Manziel etc bottoming.

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