Who Would You Rather?: Lucas Newcomer Vlad Larin, or Sean Cody’s Gregory

Lean blond Russian newcomer Vlad Larin is the latest new bottom at Lucas, and Gregory is the latest straight jerkoff artist at Sean Cody.

Vlad is also Lucas Entertainment‘s newest Russian import — Alexander Volkov is probably the smokingest hottest recent example — and he’s pretty handsome with a nice dick.

But Vlad’s not half bad himself.


They hand him over to Viktor Rom “as a sacrificial lamb,” and Viktor plows the fuck out of him.









You’ll note in the clip that Vlad has a bit of a Monet quality — up close, and without Photoshop, there are some skin issues.


You can rest assured that Sean Cody doesn’t have a ton of confidence in Gregory ever returning to the site just by virtue of the fact that they took, and published, this photo.


Not sure what the fuck is up with that. But Gregory has a decent body and a nice dick.









[Lucas Entertainment: Vlad Larin & Viktor Rom]
[Sean Cody: Gregory]

6 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Lucas Newcomer Vlad Larin, or Sean Cody’s Gregory”

  1. Vlad also works as a rent boy on Grindr in Moscow. I “met” him last week, really hot guy, but def has some pock marks. His dick is super thick and an amazing body. For less than $100 it was a good time.

  2. can we have a “neither” button please?

    Why do they photoshop someone in the stills when we can clearly see the actual complexion in the video?

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