Who Would You Rather? New Corbin Fisher Model Dexter, Or New Sean Cody Guy Stanley

One has a few tattoos and looks like there’s not much he wouldn’t do for $100, and the other looks like your sexy science teacher from 8th grade with a secretly hot body.

This week in newcomers we have Dexter at Corbin Fisher, who no doubt has taken his clothes off for money somewhere before, but he’s new to me.

He’s a good looking, slightly impish kid, on the small side, with low-hanging balls and an ample dick. And he shoots a pretty big load (on a sad little towel… watch that ultrasuede!).




Next up we have Sean Cody’s new face with an equally nerdy porn name, Stanley.

He is, like so many Sean Cody models before him, hot and wholesome looking like he just stepped off the plane from Duluth. He says he’s in the “health and fitness industry,” so he’s a nutritionist or trainer someplace, and even though he looks WAY older than 22, he claims he just graduated college in May. Maybe he took a break in there somewhere?

There’s the slightest twang in his voice — Tennessee maybe? Anyway, he’s pretty attractive. Also: nice pits.











[Corbin Fisher: Dexter]
[Sean Cody: Stanley]

5 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather? New Corbin Fisher Model Dexter, Or New Sean Cody Guy Stanley”

  1. If this is a poll, I don’t see how to vote. But it’s definitely Stanley for me. Dexter has interesting eyes (and other things) but I really agree with the 2 gents above me: SO SICK OF TATS! It’s the worst phase that porn has ever gone through. Enough already!

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