Who Would You Rather?: Titan’s New Guy Matthew Bosch With A Beard, Matthew Bosch Without a Beard, Sean Cody’s Jeff, or GayHoopla’s Hunter Gage With New Beard

TitanMen announced their latest new exclusive model, the second one they’ve signed this year after the sexy Eric Nero, and though there isn’t yet a clip of him in action, I think we need to compare his bearded and non-bearded model shots.

First, here is new model Matthew Bosch with a beard. Titan tells us that “The 29-year-old Boston resident will make his gay porn debut in a highly anticipated TitanMen film set to release in early 2016. Matthew stars in the lead role as a closeted conservative Senator running for President who gets outed during his campaign. From a Manhunt hook-up on the down low the Senator is thrust into the headlines when his hardcore sex tape is leaked to the tabloids and goes viral online.”

He is, in fact, pretty sexy, and I have no idea where they found him.


Bosch says, “I’m thrilled to be exclusively working with TitanMen,” and he adds, “My experience has already been amazing and I can’t wait to see what we do in the future.”

Here he is without beard, with his 8-inch dick out.



Next up we have a guy who you can actually watch jerk off here and now, who also has a pretty nice, fat dick. This one is Jeff from Sean Cody, and he’s Eastern European by birth, but he has no accent and has never modeled for Bel Ami.

He’s fit and lean, and has unusual good looks.






Here’s the teaser for his solo, out today.


And last but not least we have a familiar face with some unfamiliar facial hair! Yes, this is Hunter Gage from GayHoopla, where he made his porn debut last year, only here he is with a new beard and a new name over at ChaosMen, Vaughan Rafferty.

I slobbered all over talking about his plump, beautiful, slightly crooked, uncut dick last year, and his dick is still exactly as uncut, plump, beautiful, and slightly crooked.

But what do we think of the facial hair?







So, who would you rather (fuck, be fucked by, jerkoff to), this fine Monday?

4 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Titan’s New Guy Matthew Bosch With A Beard, Matthew Bosch Without a Beard, Sean Cody’s Jeff, or GayHoopla’s Hunter Gage With New Beard”

  1. So you let go of a Tommy Defendi with one hand, and pull in a Matthew Bosch with the other, and the business goes on and on.

  2. Hey,

    Would you add an emoticon that says “not big enough” ?

    I’m sure that people would use it far more than most of your new buttons….

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