Who’d You Rather: Battle Of The Shirtless Batmen

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re a little nerdy and a little horny for some superhero hunks. We kicked off last month by asking you to pick your favorite Spider-Man actor and (unsurprisingly) most of you chose Tom Holland as your favorite. Then we followed that up by asking you to pick the sexiest Superman actor and over half of your chose Henry Cavill as your ultimate super fuck.

Now we’re asking you to pick your all-time Batman crush! This superhero has been making headlines this week after some fans misinterpreted a New York Times article and thought that Michael Keaton would be permanently returning as the main Batman actor in the DCEU. Well, spoiler alert – he’s not! He’s returning to the Batcave for the upcoming Flash film, but that’s it!

Even though this Keaton news was a huge misunderstanding, it put the Batman movies back in our minds and now we want to know which Batman hunk you want to fuck! Who do you want to enter your Batcave? Whose Batarang do you want to inspect? Which Bruce Wayne wang do you want to bang? Vote in our perverted poll below and be sure sound off in the comments!

Michael Keaton

Appears in: BatmanBatman Returns, The Flash (announced)
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Val Kilmer

Appears in: Batman Forever
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George Clooney

Appears in: Batman & Robin
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Christian Bale

Appears in: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises
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Ben Affleck

Appears in: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Zach Snyder’s Justice LeagueThe Flash (announced)
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Robert Pattinson

Appears in: The Batman
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5 thoughts on “Who’d You Rather: Battle Of The Shirtless Batmen”

  1. Norman L McAllister

    First time I’ve seen Michael Keaton shirtless good pic. Older man in great shape fits with the Batman mythos in that like Harrison Ford in Raiders, “its not the miles, its the mileage”. I realize Robert Pattinson will fill theaters, but for an older, wiser, experienced man… I’m there. I’d make RP the latest Robin, so he can grow into Batman. My humble opinion

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