Roman Todd

Who’s About To Bind Roman Todd to the Bedpost?

When I first saw that tape inching closer to Roman Todd and his ridiculously handsome face, my first thought was, “Dear God, please don’t cover his mouth!” Thankfully it’s his wrists that get tied up, so we still get to hear the stud and his hot alpha voice in action—whether he’s moaning, dirty talking or issuing commands.

And can we pause for a moment to appreciate how stunning Roman continually looks?! I’m in awe of this man’s body, which is looking more and more like a superhero every day. And don’t get me started on that face with those sultry eyes staring right into my soul…

Roman Todd, Greyson Myles Roman Todd, Greyson Myles

For his latest scene, Roman is paired with newcomer Greyson Myles—a cute twunk with pits that make me drool. We first saw the smoothie in his debut scene with Austin Wolf, where the bottom had his own wrists bound as he got destroyed by daddy. Now the bottom turns the tape tables but still offers up his hole, convincing Roman to get his wrists taped to the bedpost and then lay back to enjoy.

Roman Todd, Greyson Myles Roman Todd, Greyson Myles

Greyson plays with the stud’s muscles and teases his bulge through his briefs before whipping out the jock’s cock and slurping it. He then rubs his booty against Roman’s rod, working up the alpha before finally easing his hole on the top’s cock to ride him. The two take turns controlling the action, with Roman driving hard from below.

Roman Todd, Greyson Myles

With the tape off, Roman takes it up a notch in a hot power shift—slapping Greyson’s ass and jackhamming his hole before the bottom takes it fast and hard from behind. The top flips vocal Greyson on his back to fuck and suck him (look at those pits!) before the bottom is soon soaked in their loads (with Roman’s hot bod nice and glistening with sweat by the end…what a vision!).

Have you ever topped with your hands bound?

See the full scene at Cockyboys!


4 thoughts on “Who’s About To Bind Roman Todd to the Bedpost?”

  1. Roman’s been in other scenes where he actually acts impressively and delivers his lines exceptionally well. He’s so handsome and has continued to sculpt his body to perfection. I really dislike the ink. but he has too many positive attributes to dwell on it. Newcomer Greyson Myles is hot, too, and I love the armpit shots of each of the guys in this set. I may have to rejoin CB just to see this.

  2. I’m not sure at all about what kind of actual acting talent Roman Todd might have, but he certainly has the LOOK of a Hollywood “heartthrob” type in the way, say, Channing Tatum has…I wonder if he’s explored options?

    1. I have to agree. I do love a good Roman Todd scene. But saying “Oh Fuck” over and over isn’t really showcasing any acting talent.

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