Whose Dick Is Billy Santoro Is Sucking?

Billy Santoro, as you may have heard on Twitter, is launching his own porn-star-made amateur porn site, where porn models can upload their own bareback sex tapes, shot on their phones, like he’s been doing forever, without having to go through studios or do any STD testing or, presumably, prove anyone’s ages!

It’s called Leaked and Loaded, and on the surface it seems like a potentially clever way for porn stars to profit on the slutty videos they make of themselves anyway.

But, logistically, how is this all going to work? Is Billy going to demand that everyone who uploads a video — apparently Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter and others have already given him bareback videos to use — also send him 2257 paperwork? Because as attorney Oscar Michelen said in the Q&A linked there, tube sites and amateur, self-created content sites might represent a legal gray area in some peoples’ minds, but “Any adult porn site in the US must meet the requirements of 18 USC 2257 regardless of who is posting the content; you are the on making money off of it and administering it, you are the one responsible if underage content is located on the site or if all the proper paperwork is not in order.”

In the video posted below, Billy said that the huge, thick cock he’s sucking belongs to a “local DC stud,” but will we ever learn who he is? That dick is HOT.

But, Billy says he’s got plenty of support in the industry, so maybe someone’s advising him on the legal stuff?

Here he is fucking Rex Cameron, in one of his typical, under-shot cell phone vids.

And here he is pooping out some cum after getting fucked, by someone, back in November, “for the fans.”

And, in the meantime before the site launches, he’s pimping this brand of poppers — not sure if he’s getting kick-backs, but he does have 130,000 followers now…

[Leaked and Loaded]

9 thoughts on “Whose Dick Is Billy Santoro Is Sucking?”

  1. Who cares about his pompous ass? After the way he ranted on fans in that video where he was totally tweaked out I don’t even pay attention to his crap anymore.

  2. I give it a MONTH before someone posts someone underage getting fucked on camera. Trafficking in underage porn is not a good resume bullet….

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