"Not only can you fully customize your character to make him have different sizes/styles, and skin tones, but you also have a wide variety of daddies to date." ~"Dream Daddy" Creator Vernon Shaw

If you think phone apps and online games are only for the very post-millennial set, Vernon Shaw, the brains behind "Daddy Dreams" would like to change your mind about that.

In fact, he's pushing a lot of conventional norms about gay men, age, lads, dads, diversity with his game: including who he thinks will want to play it.

"Dream Daddy" is s much a video game as it is a "visual novel." You will read the story of your character and act accordingly. The premise is that your character is a single father who’s moved to a new town with a college bound daughter. Now, you can explore your new surroundings and meet a host of hot daddies to date and fall in love with.

"The culture behind visual novels is enormous and mostly female driven. That even goes for gay themed visual novels which are mostly made by women for women." wrote GayPopBuzz. "This is a game that’s bridging the gap between the fanbase of girls who like seeing hot guys and gay men who like sexy daddies and/or video gaming."

That's quite a gap to bridge. And frankly, not sure a bridge how many of us want to cross.

While we all can relate to the thrill of the hunt, "Daddy Dreams" is more about the chase than what happens after the conquest is made.
gay porn star lance hart
This is ostensibly a cerebral game, not a sexual one. And The Sword is a porn blog, not a fiction or game site. Accordingly, the "Daddy Game" as we know it plays out much differently.

Think TitanMen. First, they show that you don't have to be under 30 to be hot. And they also show one aspect of this better than anyone else: you don't have to be a young pup to want some quality bonding time with your elders.

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At NextDoorRaw like their parent NextDoorStudios, they have made the daddy/son trope into a nearly weekly event spread across their network. But despite cringe-worthy titles like "Mom's Big-Dicked Boyfriend", with the right casting, it can work when the planets align. Dakota Young doesn't seem to be playing games here. He's playing for keeps.

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But it was Kristen Bjorn who took the road less traveled and employed the premise of "Dream Daddy" where it's not about an intergenerational hunt, but dads looking for other dads.

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Gamers may have a different sensibility. Or at least the intended audience of "Dream Daddy" surely does. I do think it could have a broader appeal for a more mature audience without having them saddled with empty-nester quasi hetero-normative springboard. But when it comes to the gay porn version as we can see below hot is hot no matter how many times the word "daddy" is injected the plot.

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