Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz

Whose Big Dick Is Destroying Joey Mills?

It seemed inevitable: Joey Mills, who makes a career out of worshipping big cocks (most recently, Dom King and a hung newcomer), crossing paths with Braxton Cruz, who has made quick work of destroying bottoms (most recently, the likes of Cody Seiya and Angel Santana) in his short career. It’s the perfect match, and it’s finally here!

Jogger Joey gets distracted when he sees Braxton playing basketball in his driveway—or, more specifically, sees Braxton’s big bulge flopping around like crazy in his shorts as he plays basketball. When the ball rolls under a car, Joey bends down to get it—his ass up in the air as the perfect distraction.

Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz

Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz

The hung top takes what he wants, Braxton scoring as he shoves his dick inside from behind. And just like he manhandled Angel by carrying him over his shoulder, Braxton does the same to Joey as he takes him inside for more fun (I love these caveman-like displays!). That starts with some serious slurping on that big cock, Joey looking up with those puppy dog eyes as he polishes it.

Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz

Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz Joey Mills, Braxton Cruz

Joey then gets fucked against and on a ladder, bracing himself with his arms as the top holds up the bottom’s legs and thrusts away. Joey then sits down on that dick as Braxton drives up hard, then gets fucked mid-air before the top shoots his shot on the sub’s face. Yay, sports ball!

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4 thoughts on “Whose Big Dick Is Destroying Joey Mills?”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Honestly, I could see something like this happening. Not an unbelievable scene.
    Well shot. Good pairing. Huh … good job, guys.

  2. Mr Mills is a consummate professional; that slightly above average cock would not destroy him in any way.

    But the scene is fun.

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