Why Does Next Door Studios Keep Making James Dickson Keep His Shirt On?

Tattooed “twink” James Dickson, who’s not exactly that twinkish, got recruited by Next Door Twink to do a couple bottoming scenes, the latest being one of those age-old pizza-delivery-boy scenario where he gets fucked by Mark Long.

The model known as James Dickson began his porn career as Boxer on LatinBoyz, and then as Dixon on Military Classified, before getting picked up by Men.com and getting his new name in early 2014. There he fucked Johnny Rapid, and got fucked by Tom Faulk before disappearing for a while.

In the new Next Door Twink scene, James is supposed to be a “fan” who’s whacked off to Mark for years, or so his character says when he arrives with the pizza at Chez Next Door. And they get to fucking all over the kitchen, with Mark’s big dick the star of the show. And maybe they didn’t want to distract viewers but James is forced to keep his over-sized Next Door Studios t-shirt on for most of the scene, even though his body is perfectly fine!

Here his giving Mark head with the t-shirt still on.


Here he is getting fucked with the t-shirt on.

… And…

And… still on!

And in the other scene he did for Next Door, with Derrick Dime, he played a limo driver and they made him keep his shirt on for most of that scene too! Does director Rocco Fallon just hate his tattoos or something?







But look! His body’s not half bad! This is from an earlier scene he shot with Johnny Rapid at Men.com, about 18 months ago.



He may have outgrown the “twink” thing by now, though… even if he is only 5′ 8″.

[Next Door Twink: Just The Tip]


4 thoughts on “Why Does Next Door Studios Keep Making James Dickson Keep His Shirt On?”

  1. Love James Dickson, he has the kind of look I do and it’s a huge turn on for me. I agree that he should be totally naked in his scenes. I hate tattoos since I think they take away from the natural beauty of the male form, but still, I wanna see that chest and imagine sucking on it… I hope he does more work. Last I saw on his twitter he was in a motorcycle accident but I think he was well on his way to recovery. I hope he does more work. He kind of reminds me of James Hamilton – a little on the petite side but with a great body, and a cute as hell straightish boy look… yum they should totally do a scene together…

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