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Who Wants To Fly For Free?

Here’s your chance to fuck United Airlines by flying Southwest for free!

No tricks.

No gimmicks.

No purchase required.

Just enter your name and email address and your next $200 of air travel could cost you nothing, honey.

Layovers have gotten a bad rap. “The Layover” from NakedSword Originals is just the opposite.
win free airfare nakedswordWhile we can’t guarantee you’ll spend yours getting laid like Mickey Taylor and Brian Bonds, we can guarantee you to the chance to take a trip on someone else’s dime.

win free airfare nakedswordIn the spirit of NakedSword Originals’ new movie “The Layover”, they want you to start your own sexy travel memories with a $200 voucher from Southwest Airlines! No purchase necessary! This contest is 100% free and open to residents of the USA (One entry per person). Click here to enter your email address, first name, and last name – you could be the next passenger on board. Enjoy your flight and we hope you get laid!

Right this way to enter the contest and while you are there, be sure to check out the pre-flight entertainment options:

[Watch “The Layover” at NakedSword]

Good luck with the giveaway and we’ll see you tomorrow for “The Layover” scene two with Jason Vario and Michael Roman.
win free airfare nakedsword

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