Win These Tickets To The Grabby Awards

Here is your chance to hobnob with and perhaps(?) bob on the knobs of your favorite gay porn stars in Chicago! The Sword is giving away two (2) “Gold” tickets to the Grabby Awards in Chicago on May 28th. Gold is one step above silver and one step below platinum, which means your seats will be not right in front of the stage but not in the back by the bathrooms! [Update: We have a winner!]

Sorry, but this prize doesn’t include travel to or accommodations in Chicago. But it will save you around $100 and guarantee you good seats (last year’s show sold out). Also, I will buy you a shot.

To win, all you have to do is be the first person to answer all of these Grabby-related trivia questions correctly. I hope you know how to use Google.

Also, be sure of your answers before you comment, because you’re only allowed one entry.

Ready? Go:

1. Name three prior recipients of the Grabbys “Best Cock” award.

2. What year were the first Grabbys given out?

3. From the 1999 ceremony to last year’s in 2010, how many times has Chi Chi LaRue hosted the Grabbys?

4. Which porn star famously got nude on stage during a past ceremony and stroked his cock in front of a live audience?
a. Michael Brandon
b. Jeff Stryker
c. Jason Crystal
d. Barrett Long
e. Chris Steele

5. How many total categories are there for this year’s Grabbys?

6. Of this year’s “Hottest Bottom” nominees, which one would you like to fuck?

7. During last year’s Grabbys weekend, two porn stars famously threw two objects. Match the two porn stars to the objects they threw.
Diesel Washington                                      Fleshjack
Steven Daigle                                             Bag Of Weed
Jayden Grey                                               Cherry Tomato
Riley Price                                                  Bottle Of GHB
Erik Rhodes                                               Used Douche

Remember, first person to leave a comment with seven correct answers wins. Good luck, you guys!

Update: Congratulations, Erynn Vaehne! You were the first to answer all seven questions correctly. I’ll let you know how to claim your tickets in Chicago.

The correct answers were:

1. Any three of the following: Chad Hunt, Michael Brandon, Trevor Knight, Antonio Biaggi, Tyler Saint, Diesel Washington, Rafael Alencar, Tony Buff

2. 1991

3. 12

4. Jeff Stryker

5. 40

6. Any of the “Hottest Bottoms” nominated

7. Riley Price/Cherry Tomato; Steven Daigle/Fleshjack


15 thoughts on “Win These Tickets To The Grabby Awards”

  1. I never ACTUALLY threw that Fleshjack, I only said I did AND it is NOT true that the Hard Rock is not the Host Hotel because of the alleged thrown Fleshjack..

    I am however considering what I wanna do to top myself this year… Suggestions?

  2. I can’t believe I lost because I counted this years hosting in my number of 13. duh hasn’t happened but it’s still true kinda – Judges????

  3. Boo-hiss at Erynn!! LOL! I was so close, damn Jeff Ryker question! Congrats to the winner and see you at the Grabby’s. I’ll be the one slobbering all over the porn stars!!

  4. 1- Tony Buff, Tyler Saint, Trevor knight. (side note, just saw they added this category, hidden on the left side bar of page 2)
    2- 1991
    3- 12
    4-Jeff Stryker
    5- 40
    6- Jesse Santana (think he’s the only one I haven’t ;-)
    7- Isn’t this a trick question? I thought Riley Proce threw his tomato at the ’09 Grabby’s. Though, I have no sense of time. And we only “heard” about the fleshjack via twitter; did anyone actually “see” a flying fleshjack? Though, these have been the two most famous Grabby’s drama filled incidents. Let’s be honest, we would have lost several porn boys had a bottle of ghb or weed gone flying, especially near a window. Amd, who hasn’t thrown a used douche?!

  5. 1. The Grabby’s have never awarded a “Best Cock” Award. Michael Brandon, Trevor Knight, Antonio Biaggi are three that have won hottest cock – a category that is usually now split in to hottest cut and hottest uncut.

    2. 1991

    3. 12

    4. B – Jeff Stryker

    5. 40

    6. We’ll go with Jesse Santana

    7. Riley Price – cherry tomato; Steven Daigle – Fleshjack

  6. 1. 0
    2. 1991
    3. 12 times
    4. Michael Brandon
    5. 41
    6. Marcus Mojo
    7. Steven Daigle-Fleshjack, Riley Price-Cherry Tomato

  7. 1. chad hunt, tony buff, rafael alencar

    2. first grabby’s given in 1991 (first ceremony in 1999)

    3. 12 times

    4. jeff stryker

    5. 40

    6. I would like to NOT fuck Brent Corrigan, you can refer to my previous essay. (if I have to fuck one, I’ll go with Marcus!)

    7. steven daigle threw a fleshjack, riley price threw a cherry tomato

  8. 1. Zero – trick question. Hottest cock – Rafael Alencar, Tony Buff & Antonio Biaggi

    2. 1991

    3. 12

    4. Michael Brandon

    5. 40

    6. All of them of course! (maybe not Vince)

    7. Steven Daigle – Fleshjack; Riley Price – Cherry tomato

  9. 1. Trevor Knight, Michael Brandon, Chad Hunt
    2. 1991
    3. 10
    4. Jeff Stryker
    5. 32
    6. Todd Russett
    7. Steven Daigle – Fleshjack
    Jayden Grey – bag of weed (?)

  10. 1. Rafael Alencar, Tony Buff, Antonio Biaggi, Tyler Saint, Trevor Knight

    2. 1991

    3. 13

    4. Jeff Stryker

    5. 40

    6. All of them

    7. Riley Price – Cherry Tomato, Steven Daigle Fleshjack

  11. 1. Rafael Alencar, Tony Buff, Tyler Saint
    2. 1991 (in print) and 1999 (with a show)
    3. Every year- so 12
    4. B- Jeff Stryker
    5. 39
    6. Brent Corrigan
    7. Riley Price threw a cherry tomato and Steven Daigle threw a fleshjack

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