Winter Getaway Finally Ends, Sean Cody Introduces Another Tattooed Model

The first Sean Cody newcomer of the new year is Cort. What do you think?

He’s continuing on a recent trend of tattoos over at Sean Cody, which has never had an all-out ban on tattoos but has mostly been more clean-cut and ink-free in years past.

Cort’s tattoos are not hideous but they do look like kind of a work in progress.


And, in case you cared or missed it, that Winter Getaway extended to 8 parts, and Day 8 featured a four-way with Robbie, Blake, Atticus, and Brendan, and it was kind of hot but also just more of the same because this was Day 8 and everybody was ready to get the fuck off Mount Shasta at that point.

But back to Cort. They took him down to Black’s Beach in San Diego for part of his shoot, where he got naked.












[Sean Cody: Cort]


6 thoughts on “Winter Getaway Finally Ends, Sean Cody Introduces Another Tattooed Model”

  1. OMG Legend, The men on a gay porn website are looking more and more gay? Thank God you have pointed this terrible trend out to us. We all know that the only acceptable gay man in gay porn is a “straight looking man” you know, whatever the fuck that means.

  2. Good luck finding guys without tattoos. Everyone is getting them and no one has any taste at a young age so they’re always hideous.

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