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Seth Santoro & Woody Fox’s Torrid, Tropical Fuck

OK. So they’re glamping in the woods and not a rain forest. But the passion and chemistry between these two makes this scene out of this world.

“Pitching Tents” from Falcon has been one hot scene after another, but there’s something about this one that blows the rest away. We’ve seen the hot men and lush surroundings before. But today, the degree of passion and chemistry between Seth and Woody transcends the confines of the blue screen into a contender for the hottest scene of the year even with 359 days to go.

woody fox fucks seth santoro falconOne of the many things “Scared Stiff” from NakedSword Originals had going for it was the return of Seth Santoro. One of the many things “Pitching Tents” has going for it is Woody Fox’s debut as a Falcon Studio Group cover boy and star. As of the visuals of our men in white briefs wasn’t enough.

woody fox fucks seth santoro falconFucking in broad daylight. Outdoor sex. And these two men naked and wet under the shower. I would say it doesn’t get much better than that — except it does.
woody fox fucks seth santoro falconWoody walks up from behind to Seth, rubbing his sizeable, uncut Aussie bone right into Seth’s cheeks. When Seth leans back and says, “I want you to fuck me,” he’s speaking for just about every gay man on the planet. And probably more than just a few straight ones too.

woody fox fucks seth santoro falcon/a>When Seth gets on his knees, he’s not just sucking Woody’s cock, he’s pay homage to Woody’s entire, hot and hairy body. And when it’s Woody’s turn, he doesn’t neglect an inch of Seth’s real estate on the front – or the back.

woody fox fucks seth santoro falconThey move from standing doggie against the shower wall to a spinning cowboy fuck on the bench with Woody dominating Seth’s hole with every thrust. When Woody starts to thrust up from beneath Seth, the force of the pounding makes Seth explode hit nut. And after Woody’s trounces Seth’s face with his load, they both need to hit the showers again. Rinse and repeat.

[Watch Seth and Woody in “Pitching Tents” scene five]

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