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There’s A Fox In The Bathhouse

Tarzan from our wet dreams comes to life as Woody Fox cums all over Johnny V.

From every hair on the beautiful head to every sexy follicle all the way down, Falcon Studios Group exclusive Woody Fox is a man to behold.

It wasn’t just that Falcon chose him to be on the cover of “Pitching Tents”. His scenes with Jacob Peterson and then with Seth Santoro were still highlights from a film that didn’t have a frame that wasn’t red-fucking-hot.

But it was Hot House who first brought him back to the blue screen last summer. Today, they again present the gift that keeps on giving.

Once again, The Sword’s Pornback Machine™ shows it all
gay porn star woody foxWoody Fox first appeared on the scene in 2012 opposite Angelo Marconi in “Grindhouse” from NakedSword Originals. This charismatic and irresistibly handsome Aussie was later snapped up by Falcon Studios Group (FSG) last October and we’ve been salivating ever since.

woody fox johnny v hothouseToday, he’s paired with fello FSG exclusiveJohnny V in the latest from “Bathhouse Ballers”. It’s been a while since we have seen Johnny. He always had one of the finest bodies in the business. He seems to have honed it even further — and with no bacne or bitch tits to get in the way. As for his attraction to Woody … Johnny V’s cock has never been this engorged either.

0-johnnyvfoxSomething that looks just like this has been playing as an endless loop in the mind of every gay boy even before they understood what made their dicks hard. As they grew into men, this is one sequence that never was replaced.

woody fox johnny v hothouseJohnny V’s dick starts leaking pre-cum as soon as his mouth hits Woody’s big wood. When Woody eats his ass, his dick starts raining. When Johnny has a seat and starts riding, the next pre-cum you see is likely to be your own.

woody fox johnny v hothouseJohnny’s ass being used is always a sight to behold. Never more so that when it’s by Woody Fox. Johnny’s meat doesn’t stop swinging even as Woody fucks a heavy and flying load right out of him. Then it’s Woody’s turn. He blasts Johnny’s cheeks with his own down under thunder.

[Watch Johnny V & Woody Fox in “Bathhouse Ballers” scene three]

Long hair goes in and out of style. Let’s hope man buns stay out. But Woody Fox – he wears that glorious mane: it doesn’t wear him. Do you like it on him as much as I do?

4 thoughts on “There’s A Fox In The Bathhouse”

  1. Loved Woody with Paul Walker on men.com and also with Gabriel Clark again on men.com. He was also excellent with Kayden Gray on Lucas Entertainment.

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