woody fox josh conners hot house

Woody Fox & Josh Conners Go Cockwork Orange

Hot House’s new release, “Slicked Up” is a visual punch of gear and the men it turns on. The first punch today is the seeing how a harness doubles as a handle when it’s time to keep you bottom exactly where you want him.

The concept behind “Slicked Up” is to showcase amazing sex, innovative gear, and feature guys with the attitude and swagger to pull it all off. Directed by Nick Foxx, the movie also features Falcon Studio Groups exclusive Ryan Rose and Sebastian Kross. The first scene premiered today with the sexual styling of Woody Fox and Josh Conners.

woody fox josh conners hot house
Sexy Woody Fox is a sight for sore eyes and worthy of a look courtesy of The Sword’s Pornback Machine™. On the left is how he appeared when he was in “Grindhouse” for NakedSword Originals. On the right, the scruffed summer 2016 model. Pretty delicious either way.

woody fox josh conners hot house
Delicious is also a befitting description of Josh Conner’s back view. He has the kind of beckoning ass that was made for open shorts like these. He’s quite adept at using those assets to his advantage. It was those glutes that inspired Bravo Delta’s best topping ever in “Ass Fiends” remember?

woody fox josh conners hot house
With much of the story told visually, there’s no additional plot getting in the way. Intense kissing leads to body exploration which leads to Josh on knees, exploring Woody’s woody. Based on that big smile on Woody’s face, he definitely enjoyed how those shorts on Josh made it so easy to slap his ass.

woody fox josh conners hot house
After Woody gets behind Josh and shoves his face deep in Josh’s crack, he replaces it with his dick. Just look at those fine, strong and hairy legs on that man. Later, gripping Josh’s harness, Woody slaps Josh’s ass as he thrusts, Josh spurting all over his abs and immediately following, Woody tops it with his load and leaves Josh all “Slicked Up”,

[Watch Josh Conners & Woody Fox in “Slicked Up”]

4 thoughts on “Woody Fox & Josh Conners Go Cockwork Orange”

  1. Great to see Woody back, hopefully he has taken care of himself. Also, the beard is a questionable decision, but I’m definitely down for the longer hair. Adds to his genuine charm.

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