Jack Andy, Nate Grimes

Would You Have Sex in a Porta Potty?

Yeah, I know…it’s a hard sell. The smell. The narrow space. The smell. But if it’s with Nate Grimes or Jack Andy, the answer is a resounding “Fuck yes!”

Trust me, the mere thought of peeing—much less anything else—in a Porta Potty makes me cringe. I would need to hold my breath, so it has to be quick. So the thought of anything sexual—even a quick stroke or BJ—sounds like it would be too much of a challenge (maybe if it was brand new and never used?). And fucking?! Hell no! But maybe it’s just me. What are your limits with porta sex? Ever had it?

Jack Andy, Nate Grimes Jack Andy, Nate Grimes

But if you dangled Nate Grimes or Jack Andy in front of one and had one of them beckon me in, I’d be in there so fast you’d see Roadrunner dust. Both of them at the same time?! Jesus…I’d die from a heart attack right there. I’ve long lusted after these two, and was giddy to see them paired together in this hot scene. They are two of the most underappreciated guys around, and two of the hottest cocks in the business (Nate’s boner is so big, his poor jockstrap doesn’t stand a chance!).

Jack Andy, Nate Grimes Jack Andy, Nate Grimes

Jack is using the washroom in a Porta Potty when Nate accidentally walks in on him. Nate tries to apologize but can’t help to gawk at Jack’s big dick (Nate’s expression and delivery of the line “Fuuuuuck! Damn that’s a big dick!” is everything). Eager for a taste, Nate grabs the growing cock and slips it in his mouth until it’s rock-hard at full mast. After deep-throating Jack’s cock (and getting a face fuck with his nose planted in Jack’s pubes), Nate gets sucked back.

Jack Andy, Nate Grimes Jack Andy, Nate Grimes

Jack gets down to work his mouth down to the base of Nate’s balls. “You  like that big heavy dick smacking on your face?” asks the increasingly verbal Nate, who makes Andy stuff both of his balls into his mouth. The taste of Nate’s cock is satisfying, but Jack wants more and spins Nate around to tongue and finger-fuck Nate’s eager hole. When he’s done eating out Nate’s ass, Jack quickly stands up and mounts Nate as he power-fucks him bareback from behind.

Jack Andy, Nate Grimes Jack Andy, Nate Grimes

Cars pass outside while the Porta Potty shakes as Nate gets pounded inside. Nate takes Jack’s thick pole in multiple positions before climbing on top and riding Jack’s thick rod, and Nate’s big cock stays hard as a rock the whole fucking time (LOVE the shot of Jack reaching around to stroke him as the bottom rides)! And I jizz myself when I hear the bottom moan: “I’m gonna shoot bro! Fuck yeah, dude!” Nate then kneels on the floor where he just shot his load and takes a thick facial straight from the tip of Jack’s cock, making sure to lick up every last drop.

The chemistry between these two is fucking amazing, and this is one of the hottest scenes of the year.

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!

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7 thoughts on “Would You Have Sex in a Porta Potty?”

  1. REAL Porta-Pottys are vile and disgusting ( and I don’t mean in a good way!) I like sleaze, but this would leave me limp!

  2. and this is why porn is a fantasy, who the fuck in their right mind would fuck in a port a potty, unless you’re into scat smells I suppose???

  3. The porta potty in these pics is proof that porn and real sex are literally not the same. I’d totally do it in a porta potty if it was that clean and spacious but let’s be real porta pottys are disgusting and literally have s**t everywhere and it’s like a sauna and not in a good way with the door closed. So a definite pass for me

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