Would you have sex with this gay hippie?

If you listened to drag queens, you’d think that them and Valerie Solanis were the only ones that ever did anything after Stonewall . You know who they’re trying to erase? GAY HIPPIES.

Yes, it’s true! Once upon a time, in places that weren’t even San Francisco, gay hippies ruled the revolutionary world. They wore no clothes and formed “liberation fronts,” but later decamping to semi-utopian, semi-erect communities in Tennessee (which made it easier for drag queens to erase them from the history books). Which is too bad, because unlike drag queens and HRC members, they did not get lipstick on your dick or make you buy them a drink of cocaine.

Also, a lot of them were highly fuckable.





Mattachine Founder (and Hippie) Harry Hay












How many inches of Love
Early Hippie Craiglist Post




























Famous Gay Hippie Adam Killian
Famous Gay Hippie Adam Killian































































— Mike

Gay Pride in NY 1970 – 1979 (Buzzfeed)
Gay Hippie Gathering (Ning)

12 thoughts on “Would you have sex with this gay hippie?”

  1. StopActingLikeAnimalsInHeat

    Someone want to tell me why every form of gay activism has to incorporate nudity? How the fuck will anyone take us seriously and stop thinking of us as perverts if we don’t keep our goddamn clothes on and stop fucking in the streets?

  2. I live in absolute terror, any time I see photos of this era, that I’m going to see one of my aunts doing something shady.

  3. I love the idea of a hippie, much like I like the idea of a pet monkey, but in the end you just know it is going to be this foul smelling, hairy, little howler that eats all your fruit, doesn’t make any money, and then hurls shit at you when it doesn’t get its way.

    1. Much like skater boys, just grab em by the back of the neck and squirt em with a little febreze! They’re FINE then!

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