Romeo Davis, Vladimir Stark

Would You Let Romeo Davis Grab Your Hair Like This as He Wrecks Your Holes?

How rough do you like it? Do you love grabbing a bottom’s hair as you rail him, or getting your mane manhandled as you take it up the ass?

Romeo Davis made his Timtales debut early this year in a pair of hot fucks, but this is arguably his hottest scene there. Why? Because it includes blond bombshell Vladimir Stark. And in Romeo’s defense, Vald’s long locks are impossible to resist.

Romeo Davis, Vladimir Stark

These two are dynamite together, and Romeo really gets to let his alpha explode on screen—along with his big fat uncut cock, which he first uses to stretch Vladimir’s mouth wide open.

Romeo Davis, Vladimir Stark Romeo Davis, Vladimir Stark

The Canadian bull fucker then munches up Vlad’s sweet, smooth hole before owning it, taking it in every position—including pinning the bottom to the floor before having him sit all the way down on it. I mean, would you look at this…

He also plows him doggy, sticking out his hot tongue as he does it (love that!) before gripping his long locks, and Vladimir lets out hot moans as he takes it—his pecs (and hair!) bouncing like crazy.

Are you a hair grabber? Or love getting your hair pulled? (Frankly, I’d let Romeo do whatever the hell he wanted…)

See the full scene at Timtales!


6 thoughts on “Would You Let Romeo Davis Grab Your Hair Like This as He Wrecks Your Holes?”

  1. No to Romeo Davis but if Franklin Acevedo or Diego Mattos wanted to pull my hair and take me to pound town the answer would be YES! YES!

  2. I hate it when tops grab me by the hair. It takes a long time to get my shit wig looking fleek, and when some random top pulls it off its wig tape it really irritates me

    1. It must be awful for people like Drew with joke wigs for hair having to suffer like this. Is Drew this generation’s Nelson Mandela?

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