Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus

Would You Sniff Sir Peter’s Shoes & Let Him Gag You?

As evidenced by his demolishing of two bottoms at once on the beach (arguably his finest hour), there’s nothing hotter than Sir Peter in full-on alpha mode. And in his latest scene, he goes to town on a hung and hard daddy bottom in a pairing that rivals the aforementioned threesome in the aggression category.

His partner in crime is newcomer Leo Bacchus, a gorgeous Lebanese-born muscle hunk who lives in Canada and packs a big and beautiful 8-inch dick. Would you look at how gorgeous these two are…

Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus

Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus

Earlier this year he made his debut at Masqulin, showing off his versatility in a hot flip fuck with Teddy Torres. But here he is all sub, and he embraces the role so energetically that he proves to be one of the few performers who can actually keep up with Sir Peter on camera, demanding as much of your attention as the top does (and that’s saying something!).

Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus

There’s so much dom/sub action going on here, starting with Leo being tied up and waiting for Sir Peter to take control of him. In addition to being gagged, Leo has to sniff the Sir’s shoes (I hate feet and feet smells, but for Sir Peter I would gladly do whatever the fuck he asked of me).

Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus

That’s followed by an extremely uncomfortable looking fuck, with the bottom bent over, his head caught between the ottoman and the bottom of the wall (which it bangs as he gets plowed…ouch!). Leo also gets his mouth stretched wide by the Sir’s girthy cock, which then continues to own his ass in a variety of positions (I love how sweaty Leo’s hot bod is when he sits down on the top’s thick dick).

Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus

Through it all, Leo is verbal as fuck (“Fuck me harder, Sir!”) and hard as fuck, which makes this pairing insanely hot. I haven’t seen many people rise to the occasion when getting rammed hard by Sir Peter, but Leo takes it like a champ (his big dick is mouth-watering). The fact that I’ve written more about the other performer in a scene with Sir Peter speaks volumes, and this pairing is fantastic.

Would you subject yourself to the Sir’s whims like this?

See the full scene at Lucas Entertainment!


9 thoughts on “Would You Sniff Sir Peter’s Shoes & Let Him Gag You?”

  1. All these identical bearded men are really boring me. They’re hot, yes. But the only way to tell them apart is to compare tattoos.


    No, and No…he’s a very good looking man, etc., but all that “sniffing and gagging” is just degrading; not my idea of “whoopee,”

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