Bobby Noiret, Jamie Durrell

Yikes, They Look Like Brothers

If you fuck enough people, you’ll eventually fuck someone that looks just like you! That seems to be what happened here with twinks Bobby Noiret and Jamie Durrell!

These two boys star in the newest featured scene from As we were watching it, we couldn’t help but think that the two blonds look somewhat alike and the video’s description seemed to agree with us:

Director Marty remarked that these two are dressed the same and could be confused as brothers. When you see the passion shared between them you’ll see that they share a both a sexual appetite as well as a taste in fashion. Both boys were eager for an encore performance with the roles reversed. Who are we to say no?

So while we don’t think they look identical, they certainly look similar enough to be confused for relatives. Or maybe they’re just both blond twinks who only vaguely look like each other?! Decide for yourself and take a look below at the two performers:

Bobby Noiret, Jamie DurrellBobby Noiret, Jamie Durrell  Bobby Noiret, Jamie Durrell

So what do you think? Do you think they look alike? Enough to be related? Vote in our poll below and be sure to watch this entire scene over on!


4 thoughts on “Yikes, They Look Like Brothers”

  1. They look enough alike that if you want to fantasize that they’re brothers, you can. They both look delicious, and it’s fun to see them play. As a teenager, I knew 3 families in which the brothers played together… I was always jealous.

  2. Give any guys the same age, and looks the same haircut and yeah they will look like their related. I com3 from a family of five and I don’t look like any of them. Funny thing is I look like the milkman.

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