Zac DeHaan Ignores Contract With Bel Ami, Shows Up On English Lads As Tomas Farago

The extremely sexy Zac DeHaan debuted on Bel Ami way back in November 2013, and has gone on to become one of the site’s current stars. But studio head George Duroy sounds like he’s done with Zac for good, and maybe will pursue some kind of legal action, after a breach of contract situation.

As Men of Porn pointed out in September, Zac had popped up on the site English Lads as Tomas Farago, and also got some American representation via Ducati Models, under the name Zac DeHaan.

Meanwhile, Duroy says, “Well, it is certainly news for me, he is under contract till the end of next year and shot a scene recently.”

That’s a pretty long contract (2013-2016), but I guess that’s how they do things in Prague. Duroy later said, via an online forum, he wouldn’t sue Zac for the breach, but they wouldn’t be shooting any more with him apart from the few scenes already shot that have yet to be released. “Penalty for this kind of breach of contract is 20 000 euro. So just letting the model go is nice enough. In his case it is not the only breach. I am generally very lenient with models but escorting and shooting elsewhere is usually not tolerated. If it is, company would disintegrate very quickly.”

Here was Zac in a hot threeway for Bel Ami earlier this year.


And here he was playing a Swiss Guard in the new feature Scandal at the Vatican 2, fucking “Monsignor” Jean Daniel.


And here are Zac’s recent shots as Tomas for English Lads, with Roland Lantos, as well as a weirdly softcore trailer for his new oral/jerkoff scene on the site.





[Men Of Porn]

4 thoughts on “Zac DeHaan Ignores Contract With Bel Ami, Shows Up On English Lads As Tomas Farago”

  1. Is it just me, or does EnglishLads put guys in the dumpiest underwear? Zac DeHaan is gorgeous, but they draw him down, making him look like a “bloke”.

  2. Wow! Zac’s body is fiiiiine!!!!! He is also charming based on that clip. He also seems to speak good English. If only BA boys were able to work for others freely.

  3. Well this really sucks. I love seeing Zac at Belami is quality bareback scenes. & I was really looking forward to him maybe bottoming. Now (aside from what has already been filmed & yet to be released)I’ll have to settle for crappy low-end dreck from other studios & most likely w/condoms:(

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