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The Most Important Rule About Poppers

Take it from sex columnist and Boyslut author Zachary Zane that there is one lesson you do not want to learn the hard way: poppers and erectile dysfunction medication do not mix.

“Used together, poppers and ED medication can cause a stroke, heart attack, or even death,” Zane says in the video below.

Personally speaking, as a chronic popperbator, I don’t even like to sniff poppers after an iced coffee, let alone on a drug that makes your cock hard. (Poppers and edibles, however, are a perfect recipe for a long, edged-up goon sesh.) But I’m delighted that poppers seem to be making a comeback lately, from Troye Sivan to Boy Smells’ candle, and Zane’s tip is a great reminder that we have to take care of our health even as we’re getting off.

Watch Zane’s third tip below. Are you a popperbator too? What’s your go-to brand? And if you’re in the mood for something to watch for either poppers or your ED drug, subscribe to NakedSword for more hot fucking than you can handle.


7 thoughts on “The Most Important Rule About Poppers”

    1. Every time a hot, handsome gay guy under 40 dies suddenly, everyone immediately attributes the cause to some combination of party drugs……and quite often, the combination of ED drugs and poppers IS the reason the guy died.

      So articles like this one are solid reminders to everyone.

    1. I can never tell if poppers give people brain damage or if they already had it before they started using them

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